Should Guests Be Compensated for No Hot Water in a Hotel Room?

“I’m not normally a compensation kind of guy but I had a miserable end to my stay at the Marriott Burbank today (5/17). When I went to have a shower this morning, I was greeted to freezing cold water in the hot water faucet, and exactly the same in the shower. Not taking a shower was not an option, so I had the most miserable shower, complete with uncontrollable shivering and chattering teeth, it really was that cold! On check out I mentioned the issue and was greeted by a really indifferent front office staff who said something to the effect that ‘yeah, a few people have mentioned that as an issue’. What does the collective wisdom of the group think is an appropriate ask as compensation?”

Finding out that no hot water was available for a shower prompted…

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Compensation — Or Have It Done Right the First Time?

Would you rather have something done right the first time and happily pay for it; or would you rather have something go wrong — sometimes more than once — and receive compensation for it?

I recently dined out in a restaurant where I ordered a steak with a doneness of medium well — which at this particular place meant a slight amount of pink inside.

When the steak was first served to me, the server advised that I cut it open to ensure that it was exactly the way I ordered it.

I did; and the doneness was…

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“Sir, Your Flight Does Not Leave Until Tomorrow Night…”

Despite the airplanes being full of passengers, the itinerary for my unintentional trip around the world has gone quite smoothly. In fact, too smoothly, I thought just yesterday.

Something told me when I woke up for my flight to Shanghai early this morning from Seoul that the airline on which I was about to fly would surprise me — and sure enough, it did…

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Asiana Airlines Offers $10,000 to Passengers; Denies Responsibility for Crash

Asiana Airlines is reportedly offering $10,000.00 to each passenger who survived the crash of the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft which operated as flight 214, simultaneously denying responsibility for the crash and even going so far as to suggest that passengers contributed to their own injuries in the crash last month at San Francisco International Airport. Passengers are eligible to receive payment of the $10,000.00 — even if they were not injured — and acceptance of the payment supposedly…

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Part of Bathroom Ceiling Collapses: How Much Compensation?

A “terrible noise” in the hotel room awoke FlyerTalk member Islander– at 1:30 in the morning. A piece of the bathroom ceiling had collapsed into the bathtub below, with additional pieces falling noisily at regular intervals. It was a stay of only one night at the hotel property in question, and Islander– received 35,000 frequent guest loyalty program points as compensation, in addition to…

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Compensation: Would You Prefer Your Choice of Gift Card Instead of a Flight Voucher or Miles?

FlyerTalk member RacingJunkie received an e-mail message from Delta Air Lines this morning offering compensation in the form of a gift for a flight experience which apparently did not include the “exceptional service” expected by a loyal SkyMiles Medallion elite frequent flier loyalty program member. Interestingly, the choice of items — all valued at $100.00 — include gift cards and electronic certificates valid for use at…

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European Commission Proposes New Rights for Airline Passengers

The European Commission has proposed additions and revisions to the Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004 — which was originally introduced in 2005 to address and establish minimum levels of assistance and compensation for passengers who were denied boarding or affected by long delays or cancellations — reportedly designed to reduce or eliminate the frustration and difficulty of officially claiming and invoking their rights when airlines do not seem to apply them. The changes to the policies providing rights to airline passengers in Europe — unlikely to become law until next year at a minimum — include the following…

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Broken Glass Found in Business Class Meal?

FlyerTalk member bonodad — a business class passenger on a recent Lufthansa flight — reportedly found a piece of broken glass after being served his meal. He offers photographic evidence, shown above, as proof of the incident which reportedly occurred on Lufthansa flight 907 on 28 January 2012. He reports that he felt something hard between his teeth and pulled it out with his fingers, and that if he had spit out the broken piece of glass, his lips would have been badly cut. Ten days after the incident, Lufthansa reportedly offered him…

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