Should Guests Be Compensated for No Hot Water in a Hotel Room?

“I’m not normally a compensation kind of guy but I had a miserable end to my stay at the Marriott Burbank today (5/17). When I went to have a shower this morning, I was greeted to freezing cold water in the hot water faucet, and exactly the same in the shower. Not taking a shower was not an option, so I had the most miserable shower, complete with uncontrollable shivering and chattering teeth, it really was that cold! On check out I mentioned the issue and was greeted by a really indifferent front office staff who said something to the effect that ‘yeah, a few people have mentioned that as an issue’. What does the collective wisdom of the group think is an appropriate ask as compensation?”

Finding out that no hot water was available for a shower prompted…

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Compensation — Or Have It Done Right the First Time?

Would you rather have something done right the first time and happily pay for it; or would you rather have something go wrong — sometimes more than once — and receive compensation for it?

I recently dined out in a restaurant where I ordered a steak with a doneness of medium well — which at this particular place meant a slight amount of pink inside.

When the steak was first served to me, the server advised that I cut it open to ensure that it was exactly the way I ordered it.

I did; and the doneness was…

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“Sir, Your Flight Does Not Leave Until Tomorrow Night…”

Despite the airplanes being full of passengers, the itinerary for my unintentional trip around the world has gone quite smoothly. In fact, too smoothly, I thought just yesterday.

Something told me when I woke up for my flight to Shanghai early this morning from Seoul that the airline on which I was about to fly would surprise me — and sure enough, it did…

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No Water is Available in the Entire Hotel.

Is compensation due, or is the hotel stay simply a wash?


Get your feet wet by jumping into the What compensation to expect for having no water in hotel? thread, which is dripping with commentary and showered with opinions from other FlyerTalk members who pooled in their thoughts.

One thing is clear: this fluid discussion will take many directions before interest on this topic drains and the thread sinks down the list of current thread topics…

…and I apologize for my dry sense of humor.

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