How Would Alice Kramden Feel About United Airlines Pulling Out of New York?

You are probably wondering about the bizarre headline for this article — and you might even be wondering who is Alice Kramden and why would she be concerned about United Airlines pulling out of New York?

First — as of Sunday, October 25, 2015 — United Airlines is pulling out of one airport in New York: John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to this official press release from United Airlines…

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The Last Official Flights Assigned With Continental Airlines Flight Numbers

If you are a fan of Continental Airlines, today is a bittersweet day for you. The official Internet web site of Continental Airlines will be unavailable at approximately 2:00 in the morning Eastern Standard Time on March 3, 2012, so take your screen shots of it while you can. Continental Airlines flight 6 from Tokyo to Houston will be the last flight officially operating as a Continental Airlines flight, as it is scheduled to land in Houston on…

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Flight Attendant Hates Jewish People?

A flight attendant allegedly said “I hate Jewish people.. There I said it” to a colleague as she stood with her back to the aircraft in the Jetway next to the door with the luggage chute after Continental Airlines flight 1569 landed in Las Vegas. After reflecting on the comment by the flight attendant overheard by him, FlyerTalk member AVIZ — who is an Orthodox person of Jewish faith — was appalled. He attributes the possible cause of the comment to what he describes as a “typical” altercation with…

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Unexpected Fuel Stops, Inconvenience and Delays: Should Boeing 757 Aircraft Be Used on Transatlantic Flights?

In recent months, transatlantic Continental Airlines flights using Boeing 757 aircraft between North America and Europe have been forced to take unexpected stops for fuel upon encountering unusually strong headwinds while attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean, adding as much as two extra hours on return segments and increasing diversion rates. Although United Airlines…

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News For Your Virgin Ears

There are two separate developments to report pertaining to two separate Virgin airlines. First, the partnership between the Virgin Atlantic Airways flying club and Continental Airlines OnePass frequent flier loyalty programs will end effective…

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Pulling the Plug on Pulling the Plug

We are not trying to plug pulling the plug on pulling the plug; rather, you decide what should have been done to prevent the seatmate of FlyerTalk member BL* of pulling the plug off of her Bose headphones and exchanged it for a plug of inferior quality while she was using the aircraft lavatory. She was annoyed and irritated enough to…

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