How Would Alice Kramden Feel About United Airlines Pulling Out of New York?

You are probably wondering about the bizarre headline for this article — and you might even be wondering who is Alice Kramden and why would she be concerned about United Airlines pulling out of New York?

First — as of Sunday, October 25, 2015 — United Airlines is pulling out of one airport in New York: John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to this official press release from United Airlines…

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United and Continental are Now United on FlyerTalk

The Continental OnePass forum and the original United Mileage Plus forum are now sub-forums, or “child” forums, of the new consolidated United Mileage Plus forum on FlyerTalk, as a result of the eventual merger of the OnePass and Mileage Plus frequent flier loyalty programs.

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May I Please Have a Second Helping?

Is it frowned upon to be Asking for seconds during meal service in First class…?

The answer is that it depends on how one asks.

During a domestic flight in the premium class cabin several years ago, I was served a bowl of mushroom soup as part of the meal service. I do not typically care for mushrooms, but this was the best mushroom soup I have ever had, and I let the flight attendant know my thoughts. She promptly returned with another steaming hot bowl of mushroom soup and a big smile. Although I did not purposely try to get another bowl, she went out of her way to do so — and I greatly appreciated it.

However, FlyerTalk member kh105000 had a starkly different experience on one particular flight: My most memorable CO 1st class dining experience was the FA getting distracted before getting to me with my beverage and nuts, then engaging upfront in chitchat with another FA. When he finally got back to my seat I asked for the drink and nuts and he said ‘you don’t get seconds, and any way we’re out of nuts.’ When I responded that he never served me the first time he left, returned with the missing nuts and slammed them on the tray.

As is said often on FlyerTalk, your “mileage may vary”…

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Continental Airlines Introduces FareLock

Purchase FareLock to hold your itinerary and fare for 72 hours or 7 days on Continental Airlines for a fee, but it is only available on flights operated by Continental Airlines. FareLock will guarantee an available seat when one books a flight while completing and confirming one’s travel plans at the fare quoted at the time the reservations were booked. The FareLock may be allowed to expire or automatically complete the purchase of the airfare at the end of the FareLock period. Either way, the FareLock fees, beginning at $5 for a 72-hour hold and $9 for a seven-day hold, are not refundable.

While additional fees are usually not welcome, this may actually be a beneficial fee, if booked properly. For example, if one finds a low airfare but is still not sure about booking it definitively, one can use FareLock to reserve that airfare for as low as $5.00 for a 72-hour hold. If the fare is not booked after all, the FareLock fee is lost. Compared to a $150.00 cancellation fee, this new fee can be a bargain.

It can also be a gamble: let us say that FareLock guarantees an airfare, but the airfare drops in price afterwards. One can book another reservation with or without using FareLock, but then must forfeit the FareLock fee on the original reservation. However, if the airfare decreases enough, one can still save money on the true price of the airfare while Continental Airlines profits on the FareLock fee it would otherwise not have obtained.

The bottom line is that although additional airline fees are usually not welcomed, FareLock could be advantageous to passengers if used wisely by saving passengers money and allowing more flexibility when booking a reservation.

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The United Airlines Global Service Member and The Vibrator

Can you figure out what a town in Newfoundland, Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and a college football team have to do with this topic?

Yes, the United Airlines Global Services member was indeed a woman. She was not at all happy with the service on a recent Continental Airlines flight, and she let it be known to the flight attendants and the passengers around her.

However, if you thought that the small pink vibrator with the supposed “rubber finger ring” belonged to her, you would be wrong. In fact, you might be surprised — and possibly even sickened — to find out to whom it might actually belong.

While you might be scratching your head trying to figure all of this out, FlyerTalk members shrug it off in this bizarre thread to the eventual and imminent merging of different passenger cultures between United Airlines and Continental Airlines.

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It Is Official: United and Continental Merger Approved by the Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice has officially approved the merger of Continental Airlines and United Airlines, which is expected to be completed October 1, 2010 pending approval to be voted by shareholders on September 17. This merger is expected to unseat Delta Air Lines as the world’s largest airline.

Continental Airlines conceded to agree to lease 18 pairs of takeoff and landing slots to Southwest Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport in order to resolve concerns about competition and anti-trust issues.

FlyerTalk members discuss this latest news in the following threads:

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Fees Increase for Continental Airlines Presidents Club

Continental Airlines Presidents Club membership, Day Pass and Passbook rates will increase, and individuals and companies will be limited to a total of 20 Passbook purchases a year, both as of July 1, 2010. However, one can renew or purchase one’s Presidents Club membership before the July 1 rate increase.

One FlyerTalk member notes that Continental Airlines OnePass elite members will pay proportionately more than the non-elites regarding the Increase in PC membership fees. If this is indeed true, is this fair?

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A Dog of an Airline Meal

After watching the Video of the Turkey Dog, one has to wonder whether or not Continental Airlines is on a roll with food that can cut the mustard, or rather if passengers will relish the day when free meals aboard Continental Airlines flights will become nothing more than a distant memory…

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Sleeping Passenger Sexually Assaulted on Flight?

A NJ man accused of sex assault on jet could face possible jail time for allegedly reaching under the blanket of the woman while she was sleeping in her seat and touching her inappropriately. The female passenger was awakened by a passenger seated behind her kicking her seat to bring about awareness to her regarding the disturbing situation in progress. The victim then reportedly alerted the flight crew of the incident.

The 63-year-old man was detained when the aircraft landed in Newark after a flight from Hong Kong.

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