The Flying Mega FT Do

Both the US/transatlantic portion and the European leg of the flying mega do are now open for booking.

For those who’ve missed the previous The Gate post and the latest thread in Community Buzz, this will be a great cant miss event for all Flyer Talkers. Here’s the short version:
USA/transatlantic part

  • Chicago party hosted by United
  • Party flight to Newark
  • Newark party hosted by Continental
  • Party bus to JFK
  • Party flight to Frankfurt
  • flights back are included in the special fare

European part

  • Champagne breakfast
  • Charter flights to  Toulouse (via Oslo), with Randy & a team of slaves moderators serving onboard
  • Party at Oslo hosted by SAS
  • Exclusive Airbus tour
  • Charter flight to Frankfurt
  • Dinner
  • Frankfurt all-day event hosted by Lufthansa
  • 15,000 frequent flyer miles for the charter flight (select FFPs only)
  • more

The time to secure your place is now. The USA/transatlantic bit is optional (but sounds like so much fun). All you need to know in order to book is in the first 4 posts of the mega do thread.

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Attain Elite Status Twice as Fast on American Airlines and United Airlines…Again

Here we go again.

American Airlines and United Airlines are offering double elite qualification miles once more in 2009. You may recall that The Gate reported on when this was done the first time.

Now speculation runs rampant on other airlines who have not offered this promotion yet — and while some FlyerTalk members are ecstatic and even frenzied about this new round of bonus elite qualification mile promotions, there are FlyerTalk members who do not want for other airlines to offer a similar promotion — some of whom are quite adamant with their opposition. What are the reasons?

For more details, information, speculation and debate, please refer to the following threads:

Please stay tuned and fasten your seat belts…

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47 Passengers Trapped on Regional Jet Aircraft for Nine Hours

An ExpressJet Airlines flight originating from Houston, operating as Continental Airlines flight 2816, landed in Rochester, Minnesota instead of its original destination of Minneapolis/Saint Paul due to inclement weather.

Find out what happened and why the 47 passengers aboard the small regional jet aircraft were forced to remain on-board instead of being allowed to deplane in the 47 ExpressJet passengers forced to spend night on plane after diversion to RST… and 47 CO Pax Imprisoned Overnight on Stinky E145 @ Rochester, MN threads.

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It is Now Official: Continental Airlines Joins Star Alliance

For those of you anticipating the exact date of when Continental Airlines joins Star Alliance, the wait is over and the announcement is now official: CO joining Star Alliance on Oct 27, 2009.

Continental Airlines has an interesting history of alliance memberships, as it once was a member of the now-defunct Wings alliance, and then it became a SkyTeam member before switching to Star Alliance.

What does this exactly mean for Continental Airlines OnePass members, as well as Star Alliance members of other airlines based in the United States? Details can be found in both the above thread and the Continental to begin *A participation on Oct. 27, 2009 thread.

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Breaking News: 26 Injured on Continental Airlines Flight from Brazil to the United States

Severe turbulence apparently injured 26 people on Continental Airlines flight 128 en route from Rio de Janeiro to Houston, with four people listed in serious condition.

The flight had to be diverted to Miami, where it made an emergency landing. 13 people were taken to local area hospitals.

Please see the CO Flight 128 GIG to IAH 20 Injured thread for additional information, details and updates.

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The Flying Mega FT Do

Mega doesn’t seem big enough to describe the Do being arranged by a team of FlyerTalkers.

It starts with festivities in Chicago hosted by United, then a party flight to Newark. More activities hosted by Continental, then a cross-town trip to JFK for the intercontinental party flight. This is just day one of the Star Alliance Mega Do.

To follow there are more activities at 3 more airports in 3 countries in Europe over the following 3 days, involving Lufthansa, SAS and Airbus, charter flights with two aircraft flying in tandem, Randy and some moderators as your flight attendants, and more.


Special fares for the charter and party flights, as well as connecting flights to and from this flying do have been arranged. There will even be miles credited on the charter flights, at least to some frequent flyer programs.

The first bookings (for US and trans-atlantic flights) start today. Check the current do thread to see what you need to do to participate in the FT do that surely will be talked about for years.

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Continental and United: United or Untied?

A proposed alliance between Continental Airlines and United Airlines is being opposed by the United States Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice is hesitant to grant “broad antitrust immunity for Continental Airlines to join United Airlines and other members of the Star Alliance,” of which Continental Airlines intends to become a member later this year after departing from being a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, as was previously publicly announced.

FlyerTalk member discussion, opinion and speculation can be found in the following threads:

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Divorce and Miles and Points

Divorce can be quite messy and troublesome enough, but the prospect of a FlyerTalk member sharing some — or even losing all — of his or her miles and points to a soon-to-be-former spouse can be sheer torture.

Here is a compendium of threads to help one sort through the rules and policies regarding a divorce in some frequent traveler loyalty programs:

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Like a Vacuum Cleaner or a Child with a Lollipop…

…apparently, with regard to airlines:

…and, just in case there was any doubt about United Airlines…

One FlyerTalk member asks:

…to which the response is, apparently definitively…

Sometimes, once is not enough, as in the case with the Continental Airlines OnePass frequent flier loyalty program:

The Internet web sites of airlines are apparently not immune either:

Once can suppose the grass is really greener on the other side…
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