Passenger dies onboard an AA flight.

I suppose passenger deaths in the air are an everyday occurrence.  They happen often enough that Singapore Airlines even fitted out special corpse capsules on their A345 ultralonghaul aircraft.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you may have heard a passenger died on an AA flight with claims of insufficient treatment.  As usual, FTers have their own take on events – both informed and not so informed.  There’s an interesting debate on whether AA should have diverted to Miami or not.

Check out the discussion here.

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Your Hotel Room Has a History of Death. Would You Stay There?

When it comes to hotels, it is usually points and status that expire – not people.

However, a friend of FlyerTalk member adbrite found himself in a grave situation: 9 months prior in that hotel room, a husband shot himself in the head after killing his wife.

Was it tomb much to bear? Was the friend of adbrite shallow about the whole matter, or was he able to successfully bury the morbid thought and rest in peace in his hotel room? Is a person named Doug Graves involved?

Aren’t you dying to find out what other FlyerTalk members think about this – or are you simply too deathly afraid to read the soon-to-be-immortal thread titled Do you mind living in a hotel room where people died in it?

Go ahead – take a chance, roll the die and read it.

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