Bid to Help Fight Cancer 2018 on Flight Simulator Time, Be a Gate Agent for a Day, Executive Lunch — and Much More

How would you like to be a gate agent for a day — giving announcements over the public address system, scanning boarding passes, and checking passengers in for the flight as just a sample of what you would be doing — at the airport?

Perhaps you see yourself piloting an airplane for two hours by using a flight simulator with which pilots keep themselves trained. Speaking of pilots, you might want to experience a day in the life of a new hired pilot. Want to spend an hour in an air traffic control tower? Would lunch with airline executives be more for your taste and whet your appetite?

These experiences — and many more — are available for auction through…

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Two Years of Free Credit Monitoring Offered by Delta Air Lines Resulting From Cyber Incident

Delta Air Lines is offering you two years of free consumer protection services if you believe that your personal financial information was compromised as a result of what the airline called a “cyber incident” between Tuesday, September 26, 2017 and Thursday, October 12, 2017 — during which certain payment information from customers of Delta Air Lines may have been breached.

Although Delta Air Lines…

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Biometrics: Better Travel — With a Threat to Your Privacy?

From licenses for drivers issued by state governments to portable electronic devices, the use of biometric technology has significantly increased in recent years…

…and travel in general is no exception, as in an effort to continue to improve the customer experience, an announcement from…

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Earn Double SkyMiles With Select Partners — Spring 2018

You can earn double SkyMiles when you shop, dine or travel with select new participating partners you use through Thursday, May 31, 2018 when you register for this offer with one click with your SkyMiles membership number — and this offer is open to all members of the SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program.

A new participating partner is…

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Help Fight Cancer With Bears in the Air 2018

People who suffer from the dreaded disease known as cancer endure a long period of treatment and recovery back to good health — and for many cancer patients, much of the duration of that period of time is spent far away from home. The result is the need for affordable housing; and that should be the least of the worries of cancer patients and their families while fighting the disease.

This is where you come in: to participate in a fun initiative to help fund that temporary housing.

When you participate in Bears in the Air…

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