Disgusting Find in the Seat Pocket

Aboard the airplane on my short flight to Washington, D.C. earlier today, I reached for the official monthly magazine of the airline so that I may work on the crossword puzzle — and the disgusting find in the seat pocket is…

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Doing Expense Reports Was Never Bad for Me — Until it Took its Toll…

I never minded doing expense reports to be reimbursed for expenses incurred during business trips, as the instructions to complete them were usually straightforward to me — even though there was the occasional disagreement as to what expenses were allowed and which ones were not. They were usually resolved in a matter of a few minutes. Controllers of corporations knew by experience that they could trust the expense reports which I submitted — especially as I do not drink alcoholic beverages and therefore never attempted to submit those as expenses.

The aforementioned company had a bizarre policy which to this day I still do not understand…

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The Rude American for These 8 Reasons?!? I Must Be Different — Or…

“When it comes to being just plain rude, Americans have for some time, consistently topped the list. This new survey drives the point home”, according to this article written by Joseph Luther of Elliott, whose “last word” is that America is number one…at being rude. “It includes results for the number of people, by country, admitting to urinating in the pool, taking extra hotel toiletries, calling in sick to prolong their vacation, and checking out without paying the bill.”

The list to which Joseph Luther refers — and apparently led him to the conclusion pertaining to the rude American — is…

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What if Airlines and Hotels Banned Bloggers Who Reviewed Their Products and Services?

“When John Golden of The Golden Dish went to eat at The Honey Paw restaurant in Portland, Maine, the owner gave him two options–he could eat at the restaurant or he could write about it–but not both”, according to this article written by Jeanne Marie Hoffman of Le Chic Geek. “Finding this ‘request’ odd, the food critic reviewed the restaurant anyway, giving it a very positive review.”

Golden wound up being banned from not only the restaurant he reviewed; but from all three restaurants owned and operated by the three owners, who indicated that they “were quite serious when we offered you the choice between dining at our restaurants and writing about them.”

That caused me to wonder: what if airlines and hotels banned bloggers who reviewed their products and services — whether the reviews were positive or negative?

Imagine if…

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Drunk Man Allegedly Urinated Into an Ice Machine at Hotel

Andrew Wood allegedly urinated into an ice machine at the Hard Rock Hotel property in Orlando while he was “very intoxicated” — which led to him being on the rocks himself when he was whizzed over to the county jail by police, the story of which was leaked by streaming media and other various news sources.

A security guard reportedly caught Wood in the act of aiming to…

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Puppy Allegedly Drowned in Airport Bathroom Toilet by Woman in Nebraska

I am not an “animal lover”; yet I am still wondering how in the world someone could even think of drowning a poor little puppy in a toilet in a public bathroom — let alone go through with that despicable action?

Yet that is allegedly what happened when Cynthia V. Anderson — a woman 56 years of age from Edgewater, Florida — could not board an airplane at Central Nebraska Regional Airport for a flight simply because her Doberman puppy was supposedly only three weeks old, meaning that it was too young to fly on an airplane. She attempted to smuggle it aboard the airplane, according to…

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Uber Offers Free Rides After Surge Pricing Debacle During Siege in Sydney

In response to what is arguably its most controversial snafu yet, Uber will offer free rides out of the central business district in Sydney starting today as a result of the aftermath of criticism for charging its passengers greater than quadruple the typical rate — in a practice known as surge pricing — while a siege was underway at the Lindt Chocolat Café at Martin Place, causing the city to be in lockdown mode.

The company is reportedly also in the process of issuing refunds to those customers who were affected by the surge pricing, which is still in effect for rides into the central business district in Sydney to “encourage drivers to get into” there.

I first reported on the practice of surge pricing by Uber back on January 4, 2014, asking if surge pricing by Uber is unfairly expensive…

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$370 For 24 Hours of Internet Access

There is a hotel property which charges as much as €300.00 — or roughly $370.00, which is almost triple the rate of some of the rooms — for Wi-Fi at a speed of 50 megabits per second in order to access the Internet for a duration of up to 24 hours, according to this article at HotelChatter…

…and that hotel property is…

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