14 Ways to Survive 14 Hours Seated in the Economy Class Cabin?

I have flown as a passenger seated in the economy class cabin on many transoceanic — and even transcontinental — flights, from which one might arrive at the conclusion that I might know a thing or two about this topic based on my experience…

…so when I read this article written by…

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Are Premium Classes Being Diluted?

Once upon a time, there were three airline classes available aboard an airplane on international flights and domestic routes which were heavily traveled: first class, business class, and economy class; and this configuration still exists on some airlines…

…but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Slowly, the first class cabin disappeared on airline after airline. Business class became the new premium class of the highest tier on an airplane.

Then, airlines…

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The Irritatingly Successful Seat Poachers

Stowing my bag before I sat in an aisle seat of a Boeing 777-300 aircraft to which I was assigned, a woman comes and places her bag on what was to be my seat for the next 14 hours for a transatlantic flight; and on that seat was a clean unused pillow.

“Could you please remove your bag from my seat?” I asked politely.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she grunted indifferently as she plunked another bag on my seat so that she may stow a third bag into the overhead bin with which she and her husband were traveling.

This flight is already not starting off well for me; but it is a minor issue. Besides, I…

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Was This Passenger Inconsiderate and Rude — Or…

I just endured a flight where the passenger who was sitting next to me spent most of the seven hours and forty minutes of the duration of the flight — not including the time the aircraft was on the ground — fidgeting; tapping his hand on the window; shaking his legs to the point where the row of seats were consistently vibrating where it felt like non-stop turbulence; bumping his elbow into me while attempting to straighten himself out; and slapping his hand on one leg every time he tapped on the screen of the in-flight entertainment system, which he tapped so hard that the person seated in front of him would turn around and glare at him.

At the conclusion of the flight, I was minding my own business standing in the aisle when suddenly…

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Economy Class Travel: How I Try to Be More Comfortable

The first time traveling in a seat in the business class cabin on an international flight from Munich to New York supposedly “ruined” commercial air travel forever for Glynnis MacNicol — to the point where the experience seemed to reach the threshold of ethereal, with phrases such as “If everyone could fly business class, there would be no more war” and “There is no fear in business class.”

Ahh, Glynnis — where have you been for the past 15 years in the era of the frequent flier?

While the article she wrote was certainly an interesting read — viewing what it is like to travel in the premium class cabin on an international flight for the first time through the eyes of a neophyte to luxury travel — it seemed rather…

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Classes of travel on many airlines

A good example of the useful information posted by FTers that is not found in one place anywhere else is this thread in the Oneworld forum listing classes of travel available by airline within OW by aircraft type compiled by SLF with help of many well-travelled FTers.

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Coming soon – flat beds … in economy!

For a long time only in first class were there truly flat beds. Then some airlines added flat beds in business class. Now it is planned for economy also. Check out the concept pics and discussion on this thread.

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