Short-Term Cash Versus Long-Term Loyalty

“Short-term cash versus long-term loyalty is very much the MO currently at American” is what Edward Pizzarello of Pizza in Motion wrote in this article pertaining to American Airlines offering Platinum Pro — its new elite level status — for sale.

Let us think about that statement for a moment.

There was a time when loyalty was considered very important while supposedly cost effective. Building and maintaining relationships was the mantra of business: “The customer is always right” — right?!?

“There is no definitive answer to this question, but…

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SkyMiles Medallion Elite Status Level Match Challenge: Now From More Airlines

If you have earned elite level status with an airline other than Delta Air Lines, you can request to participate in the SkyMiles Medallion Status Match Challenge and qualify for comparable elite level status with the Medallion program — and if you submit your information and meet the criteria to participate, you will receive Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion elite level status based on your current elite level status with the frequent flier loyalty program of another airline.

Your elite level status will remain valid for 90 days once your request has been processed.

Once you complete the flight requirements…

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Delta Air Lines Will Not Allow Me to Purchase Medallion Qualification Miles — Not That I Would Want To Anyway

Delta Air Lines once again is offering for you to elevate your 2017 Medallion elite level status in the SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program by giving you the opportunity to purchase Medallion Qualification Miles during the month of December starting today through Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 11:59 in the evening Central Standard Time, as has been traditionally done in years past…

…but Delta Air Lines will not allow me to purchase Medallion Qualification Miles — not that I would want to do so anyway — so in order to find out just how much those Medallion Qualification Miles would cost, I resorted to viewing this discussion which was posted on FlyerTalk.

As in the past, different offers exist for different SkyMiles members. Here are three examples…

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Elite Tier Status Benefits Now Aligned Amongst Partners of Etihad Airways

As the result of an alignment of elite benefits across all eight airlines, members of the Etihad Guest frequent flier loyalty program can now enjoy membership benefits and privileges to over 400 destinations when flying as a passenger with seven partner airlines of Etihad Airways — as well as earn and redeem Etihad Guest miles in the process.

Additionally, Fare Choices and levels of service have also been standardized.

The eight partner airlines — most in which Etihad Airways has an invested stake — include…

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The Best Way to Show Off Your Elite Level Status Is…

Peruse around forums for frequent fliers — such as those on InsideFlyer and FlyerTalk — and you will find how some members brag about their elite level status and what they can do with it.

No, no, no — be nice if you are actually thinking about telling them what they can do with their elite level status.

Even worse is when…

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Earn Double Base Flight Points on JetBlue

You can earn double base flight points on all flights operated by JetBlue Airways, which will bring you closer to earning Mosaic elite level status in the TrueBlue frequent flier loyalty program within the year — but you must register for this promotion prior to eligible travel; then book your flights by…

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Sorry, Hyatt — Your Platinum Status is Not a Match For Hilton Diamond

A match to Diamond level elite status was recently offered from the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program; and as I have stayed in Hyatt hotel properties in places such as Muscat and Shanghai within the past year, I thought that I would try for it as well. What would I have to lose?

I currently have…

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Altitude Program Ties Earning Elite Level Status to Spend with Altitude Qualifying Dollars Starting in 2016

Earning elite level status in the Altitude frequent flier loyalty program starting in 2017 will be tied to how much you spend annually on eligible Air Canada flights with the introduction on Friday, January 1, 2016 of Altitude Qualifying Dollars — which will represent the monetary value associated with an eligible ticket — and they will be combined with the number of either Altitude Qualifying Miles or Altitude Qualifying Segments you earn over the course of a year to determine which level of elite status you earned.

The introduction of Altitude Qualifying Dollars also…

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Cruise Line Offers a Loyalty Status Match Program

If you are a member of a loyalty program of other travel brands — such as lodging companies, tour companies or other cruising companies — one cruise line offers a loyalty status match program which you might want to consider if a cruise is in your future.

Join the MSC Voyagers Club loyalty program by MSC Cruises and receive the matching elite level status card, which will guarantee you a discount of five percent on any booking in addition to similar or higher benefit elite level status.

There are three easy steps to requesting and receiving your elite level status match…

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