As Low as $784 Total For Two People With Emirates Airline — But Hurry

Although the official message from Emirates Airline claims that you can “celebrate Valentine’s Day with special fares from $799”, the actual lowest airfare for two people is actually less — $784.22, to be exact — when you book your flight reservations by Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 11:59 in the evening Eastern Standard Time.

The travel periods for origination airports are as follows…

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Electronics Ban No Longer Applies to These Five Airlines — But…

The “aviation security enhancements” — which is known more popularly and appropriately as an electronics ban — became effective on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 with which all personal electronic devices larger than a mobile telephone were required to be placed and secured in checked baggage at ten airports from which flights depart for the United States, as they were no longer permitted in carry-on luggage or other accessible property in any passenger cabin aboard airplanes on the affected flights.

As first mentioned in this article pertaining to Royal Jordanian Airlines — from which the news of the electronics ban was first leaked…

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5 Reasons Never to Evacuate an Airplane With Your Belongings

The incident which occurred on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at Philadelphia International Airport was not the first time where passengers carried their personal belongings while evacuating from an airplane in an actual emergency — and it was not the last time, either, as demonstrated by the crash landing at approximately 12:45 in the afternoon earlier today of a Boeing 777-31H airplane which operated as…

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JetBlue Awarded Government Contract for Service to Dubai in 2016 — But There is One Minor Detail…

“In August, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced that it awarded the U.S. government contract for 2016 on the Washington-Dubai route to JetBlue” is the statement which appears in this article at the official news site of United Airlines known as United Hub — but there is one minor detail: “JetBlue has no service to the Middle East and no presence in the region.”


You read that correctly: an airline based in the United States was awarded a contract with the United States government for a flight to a city in the Middle East even though most of its airplanes never leave the North American continent — save for several destinations in northern South America…

…so which airline was actually “awarded” the route?

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Are Premium Classes Being Diluted?

Once upon a time, there were three airline classes available aboard an airplane on international flights and domestic routes which were heavily traveled: first class, business class, and economy class; and this configuration still exists on some airlines…

…but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Slowly, the first class cabin disappeared on airline after airline. Business class became the new premium class of the highest tier on an airplane.

Then, airlines…

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