She Ate His Beef, and He Loved It

This story takes having a flight attendant “fed up” with a passenger to a whole new level.

Have you ever shared any of your in-flight meal with a flight attendant — and a supposedly young and attractive one at that — on the job during a flight? Well, FlyerTalk member BowTieGuy was fortunate enough to do just that, as he exclaims, “She ate my beef, and I loved it!

If the meal was that successful, one has to wonder how dessert went…

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The Worst First Class Seat You Ever Had

Many people would be thrilled just to be able to secure an airline reservation with a seat in the premium class cabin, let alone be upgraded to it. In fact, there are those who have not yet — and may never will have — the opportunity to travel in a premium class seat on a flight.

Then again, there are those such as FlyerTalk member gabgab who ask “What is the worst first-class seat you have ever had?

As true to form on FlyerTalk, there is already a growing list of candidates to answer that question, as well as some differences in opinion as to exactly what defines a first-class seat…

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Gobbling Like a Turkey Aboard a Flight

While in the process of boarding an aircraft for a flight, FlyerTalk member johntaylorny noticed some Unusual passenger behavior in First Class. Funny and weird.

A man was shouting sounds that emulated a gobbling turkey. This continued into the flight until the man fell asleep.

FlyerTalk members surmise as to the cause of this strange behavior, and some of the assumptions sound just as bizarre as the behavior itself. What do you believe may be the reason?

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Website incorrectly displays premium economy fare as first class

Airlines change their booking classes from time to time, and some changes mean a particular code refers to a different class of service than it used to.

Earlier this year Qantas changed booking class R from premium (A380) first class to premium economy class. Some online travel agent websites failed to note the change. What happens if you book expecting first class (at a relative bargain fare) and only get premium economy class?  Follow the discussion in the thread.

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