Classes of travel on many airlines

A good example of the useful information posted by FTers that is not found in one place anywhere else is this thread in the Oneworld forum listing classes of travel available by airline within OW by aircraft type compiled by SLF with help of many well-travelled FTers.

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Refusing a Meal in First Class?!?

Are you starving to find out why FlyerTalk member Weatherboy again refused to have his meal served to him while sitting in the First Class cabin, especially at a time when airline passengers would be thankful to even be offered a meal on-board an aircraft in the first place?

In order to digest why Weatherboy would refuse a meal in First Class, step up to the plate and bite into the discussion in the I Refused My F Meal Again Today thread, as it is full of comments from other FlyerTalk members. However, for those of you that may not be able to stomach the content of this thread, be forewarned that the reasons may be difficult to swallow.

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Do You Remember Your First Time?

You are finally going to do it.

Your hands start sweating and your heart starts pumping faster as you prepare for this special moment.

The excitement builds to a crescendo as you are overwhelmed with losing your virginity.

What?!? No — I am not discussing that.

I am talking about FlyerTalk member sharkshooter’s First time in First! Read all about the anticipation leading up to the moment, as well as the questions and the request for advice.

Most importantly, read about sharkshooter’s climactic thrill of getting lucky and finally doing it. You will find that sharkshooter posted “YOW” at least several times as a result — especially after fellow FlyerTalk member zorn posted something about “an enormous but”…

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Experiencing First Class on an Economy Class Budget

These days, as fuel prices surge, causing airfares to skyrocket, and with most airlines cutting back on services in all classes, it is important to try to make the travel experience as tolerable as possible.

However, FlyerTalk member mikeinseattle wants to go beyond simply tolerable as he has some interesting ideas on how to create the First Class experience while traveling on an economy fare — and he requests assistance on how to do so in the Help me create the first class experience while traveling economy thread.

Some of his ideas include purchasing your own food and in-flight entertainment before boarding the aircraft. He points out that even the most expensive options will most likely cost less than the difference between a premium class airfare and an economy class airfare, and both will most likely be of far better quality than what would be provided by the airline — that is, if the airline even provides food or in-flight entertainment.

FlyerTalk member GG recommends here bringing such personal items as slippers, earplugs, moisturizer (unfortunately, this is currently not allowed on-board these days), a travel pillow and even a footrest with which to pamper oneself.

As moisturizer and other liquids and gels are currently not permitted aboard the aircraft in ones carry-on, creating the First Class experience while traveling on an economy fare has become far more challenging.

Are you willing to help and contribute to the cause? If you have any good ideas to add to this thread, you just might enhance the travel experience of many frequent fliers with one click of the mouse…

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