Being Part of a Frequent Flier Community Has Its Benefits — and Not For the Obvious Reasons Which You Might Think

“Hey, Brian — how are you?” were the words on the other end of the telephone last night of someone I consider a friend whom I first met via FlyerTalk and have now known for years. “I was about to post this on FlyerTalk; but I thought I would call you first and ask what you think.”

For a moment, I thought it was bad news which she thought she needed to announce; and as one of the moderators on FlyerTalk, perhaps she was asking my opinion to ensure that it was all right to post the content she wanted to post?!?

“I have…

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Hangar Party to Support the LeRoy Homer Foundation: Consider Attending

You might be asking yourself who was LeRoy Homer; and what is this foundation of which there is a hangar party to support?

Jason Dahl was the captain of the Boeing 757-222 aircraft which operated as United Airlines flight 93 when it crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania as a result of one of the terror attacks which occurred on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. LeRoy Homer was the first officer.


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Lost and Found: The True Meaning of Our Frequent Flier Community

“I know this is a long shot but I’m willing to try”, posted FlyerTalk member lskohn. “I think I left a beloved hooded fleece jacket at the LAX United Club around 5 pm, but couldn’t go back to look for it when I noticed it wasn’t with me at boarding time. If you are there: it is grayish/dun, with bright pink cuffs – a ScotteVest (ie lots of interior pockets). Probably no i.d. and in the pockets maybe only a gas and Avis receipt. In the seats near the smaller beverage station.”

“Got it – pm me your address and I will send it” was the fantastic news posted by…

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How You Can Send Kevin Pinto a Birthday Card

Kevin Pinto is a legend of sorts — at least, in the minds of frequent fliers of Delta Air Lines, where he had worked for many years — and a request was sent by an employee of Delta Air Lines that it would be uplifting to Kevin if he received birthday cards “from all over.”

Who better than to fulfill that request than frequent fliers who travel all over the world?

Kevin officially retired from Delta Air Lines on December 31, 2012 as a result of…

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New Company Representative Feature on FlyerTalk

Making it easy to recognize company representatives by having the FlyerTalk name of the representative in green as well as the title Company Representative is meant to enhance your FlyerTalk experience in case you need to contact an official company representative through FlyerTalk, or to ensure that promotions, information or news posted regarding that particular company are indeed official.

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Help Those Less Fortunate: Donate an Amenity Kit

FlyerTalk members typically like to collect memorabilia such as amenity kits. For example, Do you take hotel toiletries ? Or, Do you take home hotel soap? But, What do you do with multiple airline amenity kits? About those Amenity kits… How do you use them? Is it now time to donate them for a worthwhile cause, as in this example of a hotel Soap donation?

So What would be the good use of airline/hotel amenity kits?

Although not a new idea, FlyerTalk member elCheapoDeluxe suggests giving FlyerTalk amenity kits for the homeless. Amenity kits, usually given to passengers of the premium class cabin on international flights, contain miniature versions of such necessities as toothpaste, soaps, shampoos and toothbrushes — and the donation of such items can continue all year long, not simply around the holiday season.

Some FlyerTalk members have argued in the past that hotel toiletries are the property of the hotel and not necessarily that of the hotel guest. However, we at The Gate have yet to read about a hotel guest accused of stealing the toiletries already provided in his or her room…

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The FlyerTalk Secret Santa Returns Again!

JOIN IN – OFFICIAL 2010 Secret Santa Extravaganza!

For the eighth straight year, the Secret Santa event occurs yet again on FlyerTalk.

The expected limit on your gift purchase is US$50.00 and does NOT include shipping and packaging costs, although no one will mind gifts of higher value or certain paper from airlines and hotels that are “priceless.” Plan to spend a minimum of US$35.00 on your gift, exclusive of shipping and packaging costs. The gift should be a personal item and NOT donations to a charity organization on their behalf.

You may volunteer to be a Secret Santa for up to three different FlyerTalk members. Although there is no guarantee, you can “request” particular individuals you would like to get assigned to you for your gift buying. Secret Santas have the option of remaining anonymous. To participate, you must be a registered FlyerTalk member at the time you send your private message and not be merely a “lurker.”

The deadline to participate is December 1, 2010 at 5:00 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time.

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Randy Petersen to Leave FlyerTalk

In what is arguably the saddest news to ever affect FlyerTalk in its greater than 12-year history, FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen, in An open letter to the members of FlyerTalk, announces that he is leaving FlyerTalk at the end of the year.

The Gate will expand and opine on this breaking news at a later date with an editorial.

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