The New FlyerTalk Ambassador Program

If you have recently spotted some FlyerTalk members with the title Ambassador below their FlyerTalk name, that is because a new test program has been launched in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, Hyatt Gold Passport, oneworld and Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus forums on FlyerTalk.

Feedback collected over the years suggests that new members — as well as some long-time “lurkers” —may  feel intimidated, isolated or simply unsure about how to get the most out of FlyerTalk. Also, many FlyerTalk members reportedly are seeking basic and repetitive information, but are not certain as to how to find this information without irritating or annoying more experienced and knowledgeable FlyerTalk members.

The new Ambassador program is currently being developed to address, mitigate and hopefully resolve both issues. The Ambassador program would recognize the “most helpful of the helpful” as well as provide a reliable source of FlyerTalk members who volunteer to greet and assist new members to help make them feel more comfortable with their FlyerTalk experience, assist in answering questions, and help FlyerTalk members expand their network of friends and colleagues. The primary responsibility of appointed Ambassadors would be to help FlyerTalk become a more welcoming community.

However, Ambassadors would not be responsible for resolving member conflicts, editing or deleting posted content, responding to content reported by other FlyerTalk members, merging threads, or any other tasks that require official FlyerTalk moderation action. If a FlyerTalk member approaches an Ambassador with any such issue, the Ambassador would respond by assisting the FlyerTalk member to use the proper reporting channels.

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“A Special Welcome for Our Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and FlyerTalk Members for Flying With Us Today…”

FlyerTalk member ComAirKid wants to know How to meet other FT’ers on same flight — and, of course, the ideas and suggestions abound from fellow FlyerTalk members, including:

  • Proudly displaying one’s bright yellow FlyerTalk luggage tag
  • Announcements via the public address system of the aircraft by flight attendants
  • Tattoos
  • Using the emergency exit pamphlets
  • Secret passwords and handshakes
  • Removing one’s clothing and running up and down the aisles of the aircraft

..or, perhaps finding out the old-fashioned way: start a conversation with your seatmate.

What is your idea or suggestion?

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Help a FlyerTalk Member Fight Famine

FlyerTalk member Downunder girl asked members of the FlyerTalk community to Sponsor Mini Downunder girl for WORLD VISION 40 hr famine 21st August 2009, and the request is being repeated for 2010 for her daughter, who will not use any furniture for 40 hours.

The original goal was a modest $250.00, which has already since been surpassed.

Consider sponsoring the daughter of Downunder girl for a good cause. However, if you need further incentive, all donations greater than $2.00 are supposedly tax deductible.

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FlyerTalk Member News

The Gate debuts a new feature that highlights news about members of FlyerTalk. Please let us know what you think, as well as provide comments and suggestions. If there is news about — or are photographs taken by — a FlyerTalk member that you would like posted here at The Gate, please contact us.

Thank you.


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Posting Content on FlyerTalk 50,000 Times!

At the time this is being posted, The Gate’s very own Kiwi Flyer is currently shy by merely one of posting content 50,000 times on FlyerTalk. Keep in mind that content posted in such forums as the OMNI forum do not count as part of the total, so Kiwi Flyer may very well have posted onto FlyerTalk greater than 50,000 times. Regardless, early congratulations are in order for FlyerTalk member Kiwi Flyer!

However, Kiwi Flyer certainly has not posted content the most times on FlyerTalk. Find out who has posted more content on FlyerTalk in the 50K post club thread.

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Flexible Searches Will No Longer Be Available for American Airlines Flights at

FlyerTalk members who are also American Airlines AAdvantage members are expressing their dismay regarding Date Flexible Searches suspended indefinitely, and they are reporting that correspondence with American Airlines confirms that this is indeed true.

The disappearance of this feature reduces the ability to purchase American Airlines airfares at less cost.

FlyerTalk member SANman is even attempting to organize a campaign, challenging fellow AAdvantage members to contact American Airlines regarding the removal of the ‘Dates Flexible’ feature from the American Airlines Internet web site.

For now, the ‘Dates Flexible’ feature is still available, and how to access this feature is posted in the Date Flexible Searches suspended indefinitely thread. Now is the time to see what you may soon be missing, and do it while you are still able to do so…

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FT secret santa

The elves are busy preparing for the gift season ahead and doing their final checks on the FT naughty or nice list. If you want to take part in the annual FT secret santa, sign up now (details in the first post) before it is too late (1 December).

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How to Meet Someone in Person Whom You DO Not Like on FlyerTalk

Let’s say you have just had an intense debate with another FlyerTalk member where not only does it seem to be impossible for both of you to disagree on the topics any more than you already do, but both of you have traded plenty of unwarranted and unproven accusations and opinions with each other to the point where the discussion borderlines on exchanging personal attacks with each other.

After heated/unpleasant discussions on FT, how do you interact at a DO in person?

The responses posted by FlyerTalk members are rather interesting to read, to say the least…

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