An Interesting Conversation About Tipping at a Restaurant Pick-Up Counter

The meal had already been paid via the Internet; so all I had to do was head on over to the restaurant to pick it up. This particular restaurant is located near where I am based. Whether I dine in or take the food out to bring home, my experiences there are generally good; and the customer service recovery is usually at least satisfactory whenever an issue arises.

When I arrived at the restaurant slightly earlier than when the food was supposed to be ready, I walked over to the counter where the food is picked up to take out…

…and after waiting at that unmanned counter for approximately seven minutes…

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Leaving Tips for Housekeeping Staff at Hotel and Resort Properties: $10 Per Day Per Person? The Debate Continues

The main reason why people stay at hotel properties is to get a good night sleep on a reasonably comfortable bed in a clean room equipped with the minimum necessities: lights, secure doors and windows for privacy and protection, and a bathroom with a place to wash and bath or shower…

…so leaving a tip for members of the housekeeping staff is not exactly the first thing on the minds of most guests when they book a hotel room. This may be the reason why…

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Using a Suggestion Box as a Tip Box at Breakfast

As I pored over photographs in preparation for an article pertaining to my recent experience at a hotel property which offered breakfast as part of the room rate, something caught my attention which I did not realize or notice while I was there…

…a small clear acrylic box was on the counter island in the middle of the breakfast area which…

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Do You Leave a Tip or Gratuity for Taking Out Food From a Restaurant?

When considering flights, getting to your hotel or resort property from the airport, and perhaps preparing for that business meeting the next day, the process of travel can potentially consume an inordinate amount of time — and sometimes renders the option of going to a restaurant to sit down and relax while enjoying a dining experience virtually impossible.

Options can include…

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Should Breakfast Attendants at Hotels Receive Tips and Gratuities From Guests?

Gratuities and tips have long been controversial with regards to travel and dining — to the point of contentiousness from all sides of the issue, as evidenced by the following articles which I wrote for The Gate over the years…

…but what if you were a paying guest at a hotel property which offered a free continental breakfast buffet — think Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn or Holiday Inn Express as three examples — and you saw a tip jar displayed prominently in the breakfast area during the hours in the morning when breakfast is available? Would you leave a gratuity?

Thinking that this practice is…

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How Much Should You Tip Around The World?

Tipping has been a volatile topic in the world of frequent travelers since — well — arguably since when frequent travel first started: tip the housekeeping staff; tip the server in a restaurant; tip the driver of a taxi cab, airport shuttle service or ride-sharing service; tip the concierge in a hotel or resort property…

…but how much should you tip around the world? An interesting infographic…

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No Tipping Policy Pared Down at One Restaurant Chain

“Back in November of 2015, employees of Joe’s Crab Shack working in the front of the restaurant — such as servers — were to earn $12.00 to $14.00 per hour with the potential to earn more money per hour” was what I wrote in this article earlier this year…

…but after 18 months, apparently the policy generally proved unpopular with…

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Should Customers Pay Servers By the Hour as a New Concept Pertaining to Tipping and Gratuities?

Should customers pay servers by the hour as a new concept pertaining to tipping and gratuities? That is a new concept being proposed by FlyerTalk member Brahmin pertaining to tipping a waiter or waitress based on the amount of time he or she spends catering to your every need. If your server spends an hour with you, simply pay him or her a “wage” of ten dollars per hour: “For a $ 200 dinner where you spend two hours, you should only tip him $ 20. Remember that the server is double and triple dipping as he is serving other tables at the same time. Maybe then $ 10 per hour is also too much.”

That idea apparently emanates from…

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Should Gratuities and Tips in Restaurants Be Discontinued?

Dining out in a restaurant in the United States can be a pleasant experience — until the time comes when the waitperson arrives with the bill, which includes a blank space for a gratuity. How much of a gratuity do you leave? Customers typically leave a tip of an amount anywhere between 15 and 20 percent of the total bill.

Unfortunately, tipping is not solely an American phenomenon, as some may erroneously believe — although the procedures and policies of tipping do vary from country to country. In some countries, an obligatory service charge of ten percent may be levied on a restaurant bill, for example; while in other countries, tipping may not be customary at all and may even be considered an insult in some cases.

Should gratuities and tips be eliminated from the policies of restaurants altogether? Read on…

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