Did Hertz Remove Yet Another Feature of Gold Plus Rewards With No Advance Notice or Warning?

“I’ve recently paid attention to the dollars-off redemption options. For example, 600 points for $30 off. Can be a reasonable redemption value when rates are low. If rate is $15/day, this yields two days for 600 points, versus 1500 points required under the newly-worsened reward chart. Obviously better for customer. And if Hertz corporate is concerned about redemptions on super-high-priced vehicles at peak time, this also helps protect them against that” is what veteran FlyerTalk member bedelman posted in this discussion. “Today the dollars-off redemptions are no longer appearing for me within, and also appear to be missing from…points-program. Gone for good? What a double-whammy that would be.”

When I checked, the redemption of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points for discounts on car rentals indeed is no longer anywhere to be found at the official Internet web site of Hertz.

The following awards were not…

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More Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Devaluation: Point Usage Cancellation Policy Now in Effect

As if the increase in the redemption of points by as much as 81.82 percent and other perceived negative changes which had already been implemented were not enough as part of the massive devaluation of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program, a new point usage cancellation policy is now in effect — and it is practically buried at the official Internet web site of Hertz.

The exact verbiage of the new point usage cancellation policy is as follows…

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Daily Getaways Adjusts For Up to 82 Percent Hertz Devaluation

The problem is that a massive devaluation occurred with the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program with no notice or advance warning earlier this week, with which the redemption of points towards vehicle rental rewards increased in cost by up to 81.82 percent — and the original offer was still intact until earlier today…

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Massive Devaluation of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards 2019 With No Notice or Warning Whatsoever

“A heads up on the Hertz deal next week if you were going to cover it. In past years, this was an amazing deal and I purchased it several times. But Hertz just implemented (last day or two unannounced) one of the biggest devaluations I’ve ever seen (awards costs increased 50-67% across the board). The deal for next week is now completely inaccurate and misleading in its description (not their fault – Hertz did this completely underhandedly). As example, the 16,500 rewards now costs 25,000. The 13,200 reward doesn’t even exist as weekend rewards were eliminated. A lot of people try for that one but should be warned . . .”

That warning was posted by…

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Earn Two Complimentary Movie Tickets With Hertz 2019

Hertz has teamed up with Fandango to provide you with two complimentary movie tickets — worth up to a maximum value of $30.00 — whenever you rent a mid-sized car or larger for a minimum of three days through Tuesday, December 31, 2019 or while supplies last…

…but you must…

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Better Deal Just Announced: $7.19 Per Day For Rental Cars Leaving Florida One Way — Spring 2019

When I first reported in this article on Friday, March 22, 2019 that “this year, the going rate is no less expensive than $14.95 per day — and that rate is only offered by Avis Rent A Car System and Budget Rent A Car System”, Hertz had not yet tossed its hat into the discounted drive-out from Florida for 2019…

…but if you are able to position yourself to rent a car from Florida and drive it out, now is the time to do so: how about a rental rate of as low as $7.19 per day for rental cars leaving Florida one way Spring 2019 to much of the eastern United States — such as Atlanta or Boston, for example?

That is exactly what Hertz is offering when you rent a car to be driven out of Florida — and the good news is…

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