Why I Was Not Thrilled With the Holiday Inn Lisbon – Continental Hotel Property

The Aeroporto station of the Metropolitano de Lisboa was closed without explanation when I arrived at Lisbon Airport. Instead of the short ride to the Holiday Inn Lisbon – Continental at which I was staying, I had to figure out an alternate way to get to the hotel property — and after assessing all of my options, I decided to walk from the airport terminal to the hotel property, which consumed approximately 75 minutes.

When I finally arrived at the Holiday Inn Lisbon – Continental, I thought…

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Ridiculous hotel charges

I’ve come across some crazy hotel charges in my travels, but the new Holiday Inn in Baton Rouge deserves ridicule for taking it to a new level.  The charge?  How about a (compulsory) service fee for their new lobby?  What ridiculous hotel charges have you come across?

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