Airline Christmas Videos of 2014 — Plus Bonus Videos

It seems as though more and more airlines are delving into the holiday spirit by producing and posting Christmas videos for all — so as today is the first day of winter and Christmas day is only four days away, I thought I would treat you to the official Airline Christmas Videos of 2014 which are wishing all of us a very Merry Christmas…

…and without further ado, here they are in no specific order…

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52 Recipes From The United States of Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving…just the mere mention of that holiday evokes family and friends gathering around the table in some cozy home while the cold wind blows and the snow falls in a frigid frenzy outside…

…and the fragrant fresh aromas of roast turkey, potatoes, stuffing and cranberries fill the kitchen and dining room, indicating to those with knife and fork in hand that a momentous and memorable meal is in store…

…or is it glazed ham, oyster dressing, corn bread and pecan pie? Turkey sausage, sweet potatoes, sourdough stuffing and pumpkin pie? Persimmon pudding, pumpkin soup, pocket dressing and shrimp-stuffed mirlitons?

The New York Times has this excellent article filled with photographs and recipes which…

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What to Do on Valentine’s Day

For those who celebrate it, we at The Gate wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

However, what should a frequent flier do on the day of love?

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Merry Christmas From The Gate, FlyerTalk and Its Members

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Christmas Time on FlyerTalk

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Happy Diwali!

What is Diwali, and who celebrates this holiday?

Find out in the Happy Diwali! thread. You may want to post your best wishes there as well.

FlyerTalk is truly a diverse Internet bulletin board web site.

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