Stupid Tip of the Day: Do Not Try to Park For Free at a Hotel Near the Airport

“Has anyone parked at hotels without staying there and leaving your the car for 2-3 days without getting in trouble ? if so what hotels do u use? I’m thinking ill be using a high traffic hotel so hopefully they don’t notice my car!”

FlyerTalk member futbol90x is already starting off on the wrong foot with that question.


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$4.99 for Complimentary Valet Parking

Wondering if the valet parking is complementary and not complimentary, FlyerTalk member jobee read the sign shown in the photograph on the right at the Hilton Midland Plaza, where apparently Hilton Complimentary Parking = $4.99 by the logic that the parking costs $4.99 but the valet service to park a vehicle is complimentary.

Was jobee, who took the photograph seen above as evidence, misled?

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