Video of Live In-Flight Entertainment: Singing Flight Attendant Plays Guitar

“On a lovely winter day I came across my coworker Robynn who I noticed was carrying a guitar with her on our trip”, wrote Nick Stracener, who recorded the video and posted it here. “I then asked her if she played and she said she loves to play and sing. Then this happened. Let’s get this video viral for her and get her a record deal! OR GET HER NOTICED BY TAYLOR SWIFT!”

Without further ado, here is singing flight attendant Robynn Shayne playing the song Royals on her guitar, supposedly during a flight delay…

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Why a Possible Lawsuit By Music Companies Against Airlines May Be A Foolish Decision

I personally believe that initiating a copyright lawsuit against American Airlines would be a foolish move on the part of Universal Music Group — who was a client of a client of mine at one time where I trained some of their employees at a facility in southern North Carolina where they created compact discs for distribution — for the simple reason that they would be…

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Mother Petitions For Inappropriate Content to Be Removed From In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Sarah Coburn-Rothermel — a mother of two young children who lives in Tulsa — posted a petition wanting American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and NBC Universal to stop showing violent and sexually inappropriate movies and television programs on drop-down and bulkhead screens aboard airplanes after she allegedly witnessed several movies with French dialogue showing scenes with domestic abuse and sexual situations accompanied by English subtitles laced with profanity. Because the description of the content in question occurred specifically on a flight from Vienna to New York operated by Austrian Airlines, Jaan Albrecht — who is the chief executive officer of Austrian Airlines — responded…

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