Mumbai Terrorist Attacks: How They Affect FlyerTalk Members

Often, news goes on around the world that captures the attention of the world. Much of the time, when an event occurs so far away from where one lives or travels, it is easy to simply dismiss it.

For example, there was the news story that Mumbai rocked by deadly shootings—BBC, which occurred a few weeks ago. FlyerTalk members were horrified by what was going on there and posted the news as it occurred.

After the situation finally ended — at least, for the short term — FlyerTalk members who are looking for a good deal and are not afraid to venture into volatile areas of the world want to know Will Mumbai / Indian hotel room rates drop after terror attacks?

However, for one FlyerTalk member in particular, the current events that occurred in Mumbai hit close to home — too close to the heart, for that matter — and became a personal tragedy. More details may be found in the Our condolences to AJLondon thread, which started off benignly enough when it was launched but then was called to our attention here at The Gate. Find out why, as well as to offer condolences, as many other FlyerTalk members have.

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