Someone Was Shot in a Hotel. Do You Get Compensation For Its Lockdown?

“Last night at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Holiday Inn, there was a 3 a.m. shooting injuring a man. Metro SWAT surrounded and entered the hotel, then woke everyone up. Guests were forced to leave their rooms for a few hours to be locked-down in a hotel conference room. No one could leave the hotel. During the lock-down, Holiday Inn provided complimentary coffee and orange juice as it was too early for their scheduled hotel breakfast service. Since this hotel shooting was not the fault of Holiday Inn, should guests staying overnight be billed the full price for their room or should guests receive some extra IHG points for their inconvenience?”

The incident to which…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: 7 Factors When Considering Hotel Room Rates Which Include Breakfast

You are searching for a room in which to stay while you are traveling; and you find a hotel property which interests you: perhaps its location is convenient; or maybe it offers amenities which appeal to you…

…and then you find two room rates which are identical in every way — except one includes breakfast at a more expensive rate.

With which room rate should you book your reservation?

The outright answer to that question is…

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Review: Holiday Inn Vilnius — With Arguably One of the Best Breakfast Buffets

I arrived by bus to Vilnius earlier than expected; so I walked the three kilometers from the bus station north all the way to the Holiday Inn Vilnius hotel property. The sun had still not risen during those early morning hours — so I walked into the small lobby. After exchanging greetings with the woman behind the front desk, I asked her if I could access the Internet for about an hour or so after greeting her.

Despite the fact that I was to check into the hotel property later in the day for two nights, the woman behind the front desk denied my request, implying that…

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