72 Hour Winter Sale For InterContinental Hotels Group Hotel Properties in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

You can potentially save up to 30 percent off of room rates during the 72 hour winter sale with InterContinental Hotels Group — which is currently in effect and is scheduled to end on Monday, November 16, 2015 — for eligible stays at greater than 200 participating hotel properties across Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean through Thursday, June 16, 2016.

The duration of the stay must be a minimum of…

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72 Hour Winter Sale For InterContinental Hotels Group Hotel Properties in the United Kingdom and Ireland

You can potentially save a significant amount of money with “amazing discounts” during the 72 hour winter sale with InterContinental Hotels Group — which is currently in effect and is scheduled to end at 3:59 in the morning Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, November 8, 2015 — for stays at participating hotel properties across the United Kingdom and Ireland between Tuesday, December 1, 2015 and Monday, February 29, 2016.

Rooms rates are as low as £39.00 per room per night and can be found at the following hotel properties…

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InterContinental Hotels Group to Acquire Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants for $430 Million

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC has agreed to acquire Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants — the largest independent boutique hotel operator in the world with 62 hotel properties in 28 cities and a sophisticated food and beverage operator with 71 destination restaurants and bars — for $430 million in cash, according to this official press release.

The Kimpton brand will apparently become another brand of the portfolio of InterContinental Hotels Group, rather than be integrated into its existing brands, as there are significant opportunities “to accelerate the growth of the Kimpton brand” within the United States and to “launch it globally” — especially in “Europe and Asia where there is strong demand for boutique brands.”

It is unclear at this time as to…

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Loyalty Programs: Are More People Turning to Them or Leaving Them?

According to new research recently released from InterContinental Hotels Group, 62 percent of global travelers said that “it felt like a dream come true when redeeming points from their loyalty program all in one go.” As a result, 65 percent of them are increasingly turning to loyalty programs to help fund their holidays, with 37 percent — or one in three — even organizing an entire holiday with points alone.

The results of this research from InterContinental Hotels Group seem to conflict with an article by Christopher Elliott, who stated that business travelers are leaving frequent travel loyalty programs “after years of putting up with blackout dates, broken promises and bait-and-switch games.”

Elliott reported in the article that…

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"Win It In a Minute" Trivia Game by InterContinental Hotels

If you are an InterContinental Priority Club member in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada except for Québec, you just might be busy for the next twelve weeks, as you have a chance of winning the daily prize of 5,000 Priority Club points and the weekly prize of 15,000 Priority Club points in the “Win it in a minute” trivia game.

You may enter only once per day, and you will be timed, as the faster you are able to answer the trivia questions, the more points you can earn to place you on the top 50 list for the daily prize and the top 100 list for the weekly prize.

Other rules and restrictions apply.

Good luck!

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Guess the Mystery Location and Win Priority Club Points

InterContinental Hotels Group is having an Anywhere Challenge: Win up to 60,000 points over the next 8 weeks with their Priority Club frequent guest loyalty program — and FlyerTalk members are assisting each other in getting the right answers to win Priority Club points.

However, you must guess correctly on the first day of the four days of each week, starting on a Tuesday, to win the maximum amount of Priority Club points for that week, which is 2,000. The point total is reduced each day that one does not guess correctly.

One can also win some nice prizes, including up to 60,000 Priority Club points in a weekly prize drawing.

Rules, restrictions, terms and conditions apply, but that should not stop you from playing today!

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Get 100 Quick and Easy Priority Club Points Immediately…

…for taking a short quiz as part of the Early Engagement Bonus Offer.

The quiz is easy enough, but the answers are even provided for you so that it literally takes seconds to earn those 100 InterContinental Hotel Group Priority Club points instantly, and they appear in your Priority Club account immediately.

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