You Can’t Fly. You’re Too Tall.

Is there any justification regarding a report about a Passenger Kicked Off Horizon Air Flight For Being Too Tall to fit in his seat on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California, as he is 6’9″ tall?

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Breaking News: Two More Volcanoes Erupt

If you are traveling to anywhere in the world other than Europe and think you will not have flight delays or problems due to the recent volcanic eruptions from the Eyjafjallajokul volcano in Iceland, think again as the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala in Central America and the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador in South America erupted today.

Here are three FlyerTalk threads already dealing with the volcano in Guatemala, with more threads surely to be launched in the near future:

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Significant flight disruption over Europe

For those travelling to or through Europe in the next few days there is a risk of significant disruption. Airspace is closed in many European countries.  Here are some of the discussion threads with airline specific news.

Air Canada
Air France
Air New Zealand
American (contains useful links to various news sites)
British Airways (news) and British Airways (right to care)
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Turkish Airlines
US Airways
Virgin Atlantic

Please advise if there are further links to add.

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47 Passengers Trapped on Regional Jet Aircraft for Nine Hours

An ExpressJet Airlines flight originating from Houston, operating as Continental Airlines flight 2816, landed in Rochester, Minnesota instead of its original destination of Minneapolis/Saint Paul due to inclement weather.

Find out what happened and why the 47 passengers aboard the small regional jet aircraft were forced to remain on-board instead of being allowed to deplane in the 47 ExpressJet passengers forced to spend night on plane after diversion to RST… and 47 CO Pax Imprisoned Overnight on Stinky E145 @ Rochester, MN threads.

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Stranded in Kuwait for 24 hours

Your flight is cancelled and you’ve been rebooked on the next available flight … which is in 24 hours time.  Due to visa rules you are unable to enter the country.  Kuwait airport is not a great place to spend a lot of time, I almost got stuck there myself in 2007 when I nearly misconnected.  So what do you do?  Log onto FT of course.  Can we help?

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Special meal requests and irregular operations

gladestoneyoung asks whether it is fair that in irrops their special meal requests could not be transferred to their new flights without at least 4 hours notice.  After all, most irregular operations have less than 4 hours’ notice and it is not the fault of the passenger that it occurred.  Join the discussion here.

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