Fly Anywhere on jetBlue All You Like as Often as You Like for US$699

Last year, as reported by The Gate, one could Fly Anywhere on jetBlue All You Like as Often as You Like for US$599.

Well, All you can jet is back again this year. One did have a choice of paying US$699.00 for unlimited travel any day of the week, or paying US$499.00 for the same deal but excluding Fridays and Sundays where both options include taxes and fees, but the US$499.00 All You Can Jet Pass is now sold out at the time this has been posted.

Unlimited travel with the All You Can Jet Pass is valid between September 7, 2010 and October 6, 2010. However, as with this offer last year, rules, limitations and restrictions apply, such as a 3-day advance purchase is required, and there is a $100 penalty if you miss a flight or cancel.

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Flight Attendant Charged with Felonies for the Way He Quits His Job With jetBlue

A JetBlue IFC deploys emergency slide — and that is only one of a series of bizarre actions that Steven Slater undertook before quitting his job in a most unusual way after an encounter with a reportedly uncooperative passenger, which led to his being hit in the head by a piece of luggage from the overhead compartment, a profanity-laced tirade over the public address system of the aircraft, deployment of the emergency slide, and an exit — allegedly with beer in hand — from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Felony charges have been filed against Mr. Slater after he was arrested at his home not far from the airport — allegedly as he “went nuts with his boyfriend in bed” — yet his antics have apparently quickly escalated and propelled him towards the status of an Internet folk hero — and many FlyerTalk members laud him with accolades for the way he quit his job at jetBlue and are even attempting to organize a legal defense fund for him.

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Jilted jetBlue Pilot Allegedly Threatens Suicide; Is Relieved of Duty

The news is still unfolding about what apparently rendered a JetBlue Pilot Unfit for Duty, including a story out of BOSTON: JetBlue Pilot Threatens to Crash Plane after take-off from Logan Airport, as well as unsubstantiated reports that the distraught pilot — allegedly jilted by a female acquaintance — had a gun confiscated. There is also speculation that the threats of suicide may be a rumor and the pilot was actually removed for health reasons.

An official spokesperson for jetBlue says that at no point were any customers or aircraft in danger.

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American Airlines, jetBlue Announce Partnership

Primarily in order to strengthen a presence on the east coast — especially in New York City — AA Expands NYC Service, Announces “Partnership” with JetBlue Airways. The jetBlue and AA codeshare/DCA slots obtained involves a codeshare agreement between the two airlines. FlyerTalk members thought that news of this unlikely alliance was nothing more than an April Fool’s Day joke and are already asking about whether or not they can earn American AAdvantage miles on jetBlue flights.

As American Expands New York Network Service And Presence, this alliance is much to the chagrin of Delta Air Lines, as Delta’s Strategy to “Win” New York can now be a huge gamble. In fact, here is a detailed synopsis and discussion of Why Delta Is Doomed in NYC.

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Help Choose the New Tail Design for jetBlue Aircraft

Known for different variations of its all-blue aircraft tail livery, is Some orange coming to jetBlue?

Here is your opportunity to help choose from five finalist tail designs for jetBlue, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next month. Although the designs were created by jetBlue employees, the airline is asking for input from its customers by voting for the favorite tailfin design.

Voting ends on January 29, 2010.

Again, orange you glad that The Gate brought this story to you?

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Fly Anywhere on jetBlue All You Like as Often as You Like for US$599

You read the title of this entry correctly: All you can jet on JetBlue in one month for $599, including domestic taxes and fees but not including international and Puerto Rico taxes and fees, on any available seat on any flight systemwide between September 8 and October 8.

However, there are restrictions and limitations with the jetBlue All-you-can-Jet pass, such as a 3-day advance purchase is required, and there is a $100 penalty if you miss a flight or cancel within the three days. One does earn 35 TrueBlue points.

Please read both threads for more information and details.

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$9 Flight Available During 9-Hour Sale Today Only!

If you want to fly between Boston and Buffalo, it will cost you as little as US$9.00 each way plus taxes and fees on jetBlue airlines for travel through 10 February 2009, but the offer is only good until 6:00 in the evening tonight!

For additional details, hurry on over to the JetBlue: BOS – ? $9 fares (sale today Fri 12/19 9 am – 6 pm) thread right now and book your flight before 6:00 tonight!

Other flights between Boston and other cities are also available during this limited promotion, but they are more expensive although they are discounted from the usual airfares.

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Merger/takeover rumours

There has been a lot of discussion lately on mergers and takeovers amongst airlines.  Here is a (likely incomplete) summary, excluding the DL/NW merger which has been announced.


Merger with United Airlines, CO forum thread on merger talks called off

Alliance with American Airlines, AA forum thread, and CO forum thread, and BA forum thread and B6 forum thread.

US Airways 

Merger with American Airlines, US forum thread

Merger with United, UA forum thread and US forum thread.


Takeover Brussels Airlines, LH forum thread.

Takeover bmi, BA forum thread.

I’m sure I’ve missed some threads, so if you have more to add please post a comment with a link.

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