Has Meet & Seat by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Failed?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is at least one airline which offers a social check-in feature called Meet & Seat, where you can find out who will be on your flight — as well as view the Facebook or LinkedIn profile details of other passengers and see where they will be sitting — long before your flight leaves the ground.

Meet & Seat was launched by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines back in 2011 through which you can choose your own neighbor; and…

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Power Failure Disrupts Operations of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines — Travel Waivers Issued

“Due to a power outage at Amsterdam, some of our flight schedules may be temporarily disrupted. If you have booked a flight to, from or via Amsterdam on Wednesday 28 February 2018, please see below rebook and refund options we can offer you. These options are only valid, if you have a ticket originally issued on or before Wednesday 28 February 2018.”

That is the message which…

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The Worst Scenario For the Window Seater? A Trip Report

Prior to any flight on an airplane which I am assigned to a window seat, I will ensure that I use the facilities at the airport as close to departure time as possible — primarily for the reasons of wanting to cause only minimal disruption at best to the passengers seated in the middle seat and aisle seat in the row in which I will be sitting in case I need to use the lavatory during the flight.

During a typical long-haul flight, the passengers seated next to me typically get up at least once — either to use the lavatory or simply to stretch their legs; and I usually get up when they do to keep that disruption to them at a minimum — but on this particular flight…

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Seat Recline: What Would You Do in This Situation?

The debate pertaining to seat recline has been contentious for years — with one of the more infamous incidents being this battle which caused a diversion of a flight and resulted in the police being called this past August.

Some people believe that it is the prerogative of the person sitting in the seat to recline it for that nominal increase in comfort; while others do not like to have the seat of someone suddenly invade their space — especially when working on a laptop computer or eating a meal, as examples…

…but what would you do if the person seated in front of you reclines his or her seat — and then…

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A Truly Global Airplane?

Well, here is an aircraft which is on its way to becoming a truly global airplane which I found at the gate next to the one where the airplane on which I was a passenger was parked at

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How and Why My Flight Itinerary Disappeared During a Flight

Well, the mystery is over in terms of how and why my flight itinerary disappeared during a flight operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Nairobi to Amsterdam — and I hope that my unusual experience will somehow help you in the future should you encounter a similar situation.

It all started while I was at the airport in Narobi, where I was catching a flight to Amsterdam — the first of several flights on the return portion of my itinerary — and wow, is security tight at this airport, as I had to go through three airport security checkpoints before being able to board the airplane.

I walked up to the ticket counter; and…

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World Deal Weeks: Discounts on Flights Operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for a Limited Time

Through January 26, 2015, you can book reservations for travel to greater than 100 destinations all over the world — and potentially save hundreds of Euros — with World Deal Weeks discounts on flights operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines originating from Amsterdam.

There are a minimum of eight round-trip flights to destinations within Europe which start at €99.00; while the most expensive airfare is from Amsterdam to Auckland which starts at €1,071.00 — a savings of €256.00. There is a 90 percent discount for babies younger than two years of age.

Interestingly, I found at least one itinerary between Amsterdam and Auckland which priced at €1,072.85 which included a booking fee of ten Euros — the terms and conditions of this promotion claim that a booking fee of ten Euros is not included in the airfares offered for sale — so you might be able to find airfares where you can save a little more money than you expected. The itinerary I found is the following…

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Obese Airline Passengers: The Debate Continues

You would most likely not allow me as your seat mate to use half of the space in your seat to place my belongings. Why would you tolerate having me take up half the space of the seat for which you paid simply because I was obese?

Looking at this from the other perspective, would you willingly pay full fare knowing you would have the use of only half of your seat? Would you do it if the airfare was only half of what you would typically pay?

With airlines attempting to cram more passengers onto airplanes in order to literally squeeze more revenue from each flight, there is no relief to this issue anytime soon…

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