Premium Class Lavatories: Should Economy Class Passengers Be Allowed to Use Them?

A woman was reportedly handcuffed for an incident which occurred aboard an airplane during a flight after she used the lavatory reserved for passengers seated in the premium class cabin — even though she was assigned a seat in the economy class cabin — resulting in an emergency landing at Erzurum Airport in Ankara.

Edita Kmetova — who is 60 years of age and from Slovakia — was traveling on an airplane which was operated by Air Berlin from Vienna to Abu Dhabi when she became ill. The lavatory reserved for the use of economy class passengers was supposedly in use; which resulted in her using the one located in the business class cabin, as she deemed it an emergency situation despite the objections of those passengers who were seated in the business class cabin.

When Kmetova emerged from the lavatory, she was reportedly confronted by…

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Arrested Over First Class Lavatory Use; $11,498 Lawsuit?

Claiming that a flight attendant — purely out of spite — was allegedly responsible for them being taken into custody by police over a squabble about the use of a lavatory, Jessica DeWitt and Michael Dobbs are suing Alaska Airlines for $11,498.00 in damages, according to…

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Bathroom problem

I never realised US Airways passengers had such pressing toilet needs. Why else would US Airways aircraft have 144 bathrooms onboard? Check out the gross bathroom thread.

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