Delta Sky Club Access Change Coming in 2019

Due to a significant change in the access policy which will be in effect in 2019, a reader of The Gate is so outraged at Delta Air Lines and its network of Sky Club lounges that he sent to me an e-mail message to please call it to your attention.

The following announcement pertains not only to…

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Master List of Executive Lounges Open or Closed During Weekends Worldwide of Marriott Properties

If you are a member of Marriott Rewards who plans on staying at a hotel or resort property which is part of the portfolio of 29 brands of Marriott International, Incorporated and you want to know whether or not you can access the executive lounge during a weekend day, you may want to refer to this comprehensive master list of executive lounges which are open or closed during weekends which was posted on FlyerTalk.

Thankfully compiled by…

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No, Hilton is Not Closing Its Executive Lounges Systemwide — But…

After a long day of being with a client in a location far from home, sometimes there is nothing like repairing to the executive lounge of a hotel at which you are staying as a guest, partaking in some of the snack offerings and imbibing in a few drinks — and perhaps catching a game on the large flat-screen television, using the computer and printer, admiring the view of the sunset outside the balcony, or reading a magazine — before heading off to your room to relax for the evening…

…so when trying to use an executive lounge at the…

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Biometrics: Better Travel — With a Threat to Your Privacy?

From licenses for drivers issued by state governments to portable electronic devices, the use of biometric technology has significantly increased in recent years…

…and travel in general is no exception, as in an effort to continue to improve the customer experience, an announcement from…

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Emerald Club Members Save $10 at Escape Lounges in the United States

Members of the Emerald Club frequent renter loyalty program of National Car Rental can now receive a discount of ten dollars of the Internet booking rate at Escape Lounges in the United States when a reservation is booked by Sunday, December 31, 2017 for visits though Thursday, February 1, 2018.

Although additional lounges will supposedly be opening at other airports in the United States “soon”, Escape Lounges are now currently open at…

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Is Changing Into Your Pajamas in an Airport Lounge Prior to Boarding the Airplane Okay?

While flying as a passenger in the business class cabin from London to South America via New York, “What I really feel like doing is having a shower in the Flagship Lounge at JFK, change into my Lufthansa pyjamas (I’d much rather change in a spacious shower room than in an airplane toilet), and walk down to the gate in that and slippers, with a view toward drifting into sleep soon after takeoff”…

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Should Children Be Allowed Access Into Lounges?

The primary purpose of a lounge — whether located in a hotel or airport — is to give guests with appropriate access privileges a place to relax and be comfortable while passing the time. That can include expensive furniture; office supplies to complete work; food to alleviate hunger; a shower to get refreshed; computers to use; and a space with recliners designated especially for quiet so that guests can get some sleep.

A rambunctious child who is allowed to run around the lounge unfettered can typically cause a significant disruption in the purpose of the lounge by…

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Have You Ever Been the Only Patron in a Lounge — All Night Long?

Have you ever been the only patron in a lounge — whether it is in a hotel property or at an airport?

Chances are that of course you have. I would surmise that having not ever been the only patron of a lounge at one time or another would actually be unusual; but I had not been more succinct with my question:

Have you ever been the only patron in a lounge — all night long?!?

One place where this happened to me was…

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Delta Sky Club Membership Cost Increasing — and Decreasing — in 2017

In order to continue to upgrade its Sky Club lounges — typically located in airports at destinations which are served by Delta Air Lines and including improved complimentary food and beverage options, amenities, and increased exclusivity for patrons — the cost of a Delta Sky Club membership is increasing if you are paying with money; and decreasing if you redeem SkyMiles to pay for your membership.

Amenities include a welcome surfeit of electrical power outlets; upgraded furniture; and modern lighting fixtures which compliment the improved style of the lounges overall — all implemented over the last few years.

The following membership options — payment plans of 12 monthly installments requires a one-year contract and initiation fee — include unlimited access to 251 Delta Sky Clubs and partner lounges for you…

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70 Photographs of the New Delta Sky Club on Concourse B in Atlanta? What Was I Thinking?!?

As I mentioned in this article from yesterday, I had the honor and pleasure of being invited to the official ribbon cutting event at the new Delta Sky Club, which is located near gate B18 adjacent to the food court near the main escalators on Concourse B at the international airport which serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

As is always a problem with me, I took too many photographs — 304, to be exact — but in an attempt to impart to you what to expect from your experience in it when you decide to visit, I pared them down to 70 photographs of the new Sky Club, which is set to open to the public on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Don’t say that I did not warn you.

Ready? Then let us begin…

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