The Official Opening of the Delta Sky Club on Concourse D in Atlanta — Five Years Ago Today

Sometimes you get to do some cool things in life — maybe apparently not as cool as getting a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, as has been plastered in articles all over BoardingArea this morning — but the Delta Sky Club on Concourse D at the international airport in Atlanta officially opened on Monday, August 22, 2011, which is five years ago today.

I was fortunate to be one of the people honored with cutting the ribbon in dedication of that official grand opening, as…

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Feeling Grateful — Not a Hustle

“Which part of the points hustle do you enjoy the most?” asked Alexander Bachuwa of The Points of Life in this article in which he documents how he spent $1999.00 out of pocket for a trip to Tahiti which he estimates with spreadsheets that the trip was approximately $60,000.00. “Is it the undeserved feeling of self-importance as you enter the first-class lounge?”

That question had me thinking…

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5 Smart Travel Hacks Only Frequent Fliers Know? Seriously?!?

I seem to have the misfortune to keep finding articles which seem to be more and more inane — but this one pertaining to the 5 smart travel hacks only frequent fliers know may just qualify to win the award for one of the most ridiculous articles I have ever read pertaining to travel.

After I read this article written by…

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Redeem SkyMiles for Premium Drinks in Sky Club Lounges

You may now redeem SkyMiles for premium drinks in Sky Club lounges operated by Delta Air Lines if you are a member of the SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program 21 years of age or older, according to reports posted by various members of FlyerTalk.

There are conflicting reports — neither of which have yet been confirmed — where…

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Why I Would Not Pay $59.00 for a One-Time Visit to a Delta Sky Club

“I decided on the chicken noodle soup over the black bean soup here at the Delta Sky Club on Concourse E at the international airport in Atlanta to tide me over until my flight to Amsterdam later this afternoon on my way to Nairobi. That, and some romaine lettuce, a mixture of olives, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and a couple of chocolate chip cookies. The soup was nice and hot; but it could have used more noodles…”

That was the beginning of my report back on Monday, February 2, 2015; and I understand that there are some more food options available in that Sky Club. My informal report of the Delta Sky Club at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Thursday, February 12, 2015 included enjoying real bagels instead of those balls of half-cooked dough paste with a hole in them to be sacrilegiously passed off as bagels.

Both of those Sky Clubs were furnished nicely with some food options with which you can barely scrape together a meal. The service at the front counters is usually very good. I even was one of the people who actually cut the ribbon at the Delta Sky Club on Concourse D at the international airport in Atlanta when it was opened…

…so would I pay $59.00 to visit a Sky Club for only one time?

The answer is no. I will explain why — but first, a little recent history is in order…

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Cheap Airport Lounge Access to All? For Only $20? Well — Yes and No…

You have thought about wanting to escape the crowds at the airport while waiting at the gate for your flight to depart; but for whatever reason, you just cannot see yourself parting with several hundred dollars for an annual membership offered by your preferred frequent flier loyalty program for access to their airport lounges — especially as those membership fees have significantly increased in recent years. You might even think that shorter membership durations and day pass options may still not be worth it to you.

A company called Airspace Lounge was hoping to change that by revolutionizing the airport lounge business and providing cheap airport lounge access to all, as I first reported in this article back on Thursday, April 18, 2013. The first location at Baltimore-Washington International Airport opened in May of 2011 — which was formerly a United Airlines Red Carpet Club lounge. The next location opened in the main terminal at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport just before the B Concourse. Airspace Lounge has since added locations in at airports which serve New York and San Diego.

I posted this article yesterday pertaining to a deal where you can purchase access to one of six The Club airport lounges for $15.00; but for a minimum of $20.00 per person per day for an entry pass in Baltimore and Cleveland or a minimum of $25.00 in New York and San Diego — no long-term membership is required — without a sale, you get to enjoy the following included amenities at no extra charge at Airspace Lounge…

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$15 For Access to The Club Airport Lounges

Access to The Club airport lounges can be yours for only $15.00 for a day pass through Tuesday, September 15, 2015 — and that includes complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, Wi-Fi and amenities, according to this special offer from Travelzoo.

The regular price to access a The Club airport lounge — please pardon the awkward grammar — is typically $35.00; so this deal represents a discount of almost 60 percent off of the price of a day pass.

You can use this day pass before or after a flight at any one of…

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