Business Class Fares For Two From Lufthansa Valentine’s Day 2019: From $1,690 Per Person Round Trip to North America

Valentine’s Day 2019 is not over yet — at least, not in Germany — as Lufthansa is offering a companion special through which you can book two seats in the business class cabin on select flights from Germany to North America for as low as 2,999 euros when traveling between Friday, March 1, 2019 and Monday, November 11, 2019…

…but you must…

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It’s Not Cheating When on Vacation: Is That Wrong?

“I was surprised by this Lufthansa ad with an innuendo of cheating on your spouse – feels a bit inappropriate to me…” is what Dan Miller wrote in this article pertaining to this provocative Lufthansa ad about cheating on your spouse inappropriate at Points with a Crew.

Although Matthew Klint of Live and Let’s Fly never outright stated what he thought the advertisement in question meant in this article, he…

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Strike Causes 1,798 Lufthansa Flights to Be Canceled; More Disruptions On the Way

“The idiots that run the union have absolutely lost their minds”, according to this article written by Dennis of Lufthansa Flyer. “In their infinite stupidity and unprofessionalism, they’ve extended their strike yet again to include all of Friday, November 25.”

At least 1,798 flights have already been canceled as a result of the strike, which have affected greater than 215,000 passengers and have cost Lufthansa as much as nine million dollars per day, according to multiple sources. The pilots are attempting to pressure management of Lufthansa to concede to their demands in an ongoing dispute over pay.

The good news — so to speak — is that…

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Chat in Person With Lufthansa Executives at Kamingespräch 2014

This could be your opportunity if you have ever wanted to have an informal discussion in person with executives of Lufthansa.

The Kamingespräch event for 2014 will be at the Lufthansa Aviation Center at the headquarters of Lufthansa — more specifically, restaurant Zum Kranich — on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 5:00 in the afternoon where the dialogue between frequent travelers and employees of Lufthansa which started last year will be continued and intensified this year.

Group management personnel of Lufthansa expected to participate this year includes but is not limited to…

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Obese Airline Passengers: The Debate Continues

You would most likely not allow me as your seat mate to use half of the space in your seat to place my belongings. Why would you tolerate having me take up half the space of the seat for which you paid simply because I was obese?

Looking at this from the other perspective, would you willingly pay full fare knowing you would have the use of only half of your seat? Would you do it if the airfare was only half of what you would typically pay?

With airlines attempting to cram more passengers onto airplanes in order to literally squeeze more revenue from each flight, there is no relief to this issue anytime soon…

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Feathers Were Ruffled on Lufthansa Flight

Actually, the pillows used in an impromptu pillow fight aboard a recent Lufthansa flight may or may not contain pillows, but nonetheless ruffled feathers — which usually is not good — may be a positive thing in this situation.

In fact, a flight attendant was even involved in the melee!

Please click here for the FlyerTalk member discussion, as well as a link to a video showing the actual pillow fight.

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