Stupid Tip of the Day: 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Agree To Watch Someone’s Belongings

So there you are at the airport, waiting for your flight at the gate; or, perhaps you are relaxing in an airport lounge, minding your own business — and then someone comes along and asks you to watch his or her bag or other item so that he or she can go somewhere else to do whatever he or she needs to do.

Your initial instinct may be to be a nice fellow human being and convince you to say “yes” and accept the responsibility — but you should not do so for four reasons…

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7 Tips on How to Ease the Baggage Claim Carousel “War Zone”

You would think that with the advent of ancillary fees charged for checked bags that the crowding around the baggage claim carousel at airports would be diminished and more civilized as a result of fewer people checking their luggage — even after I first wrote about this issue back on Tuesday, July 30, 2013…

…but sadly, that apparently still does not seem to be the case. During my recent travels, I noticed mayhem at the baggage carousels at the airports of locations such as…

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US$309.16 to Check an Extra Piece of Luggage

Imagine the surprise of FlyerTalk member Flyin’Mom when she checked an extra piece of baggage on a KLM itinerary from Helsinki to Dallas-Fort Worth via Amsterdam and Minneapolis/St. Paul when, to her surprise, KLM charged $309.16 to check an extra bag.

She expected to pay extra — perhaps US$80.00 — for her extra piece of baggage, but not hundreds of dollars extra.

Additional information can be found in the AF/KL new rules for luggage between Europe and North America [merged] thread.

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Baggage misdelivery, with a twist

When HIDDY‘s bag was not delivered he was stoic. After all, these things happen and the airline promised delivery would be quick. Days later the bag was delivered, but only to the local bus station … which was closed for the weekend.

Is this reasonable treatment or common?

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This is Simply Not My Bag.

No, I am not expressing my feelings about writing this blog, which I am more than happy to do. Rather, I am referring to FlyerTalk member JACKENSACK, who lost his bag, never reported it missing, was awakened several weeks later at 7:30 in the morning, only to find out later that he was given someone else’s bag!

Find out more details about this bizarre story in the I have someone elses suitcase thread.

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