Do I Expect Too Much From Customer Service?

“You get what you pay for” is what I was told by someone a few hours ago when I imparted about my customer service experience with Megabus — but I respectfully disagree.

With virtually every business transaction comes a certain expectation of customer service. For example, when you purchase a hamburger with pickles and the pickles are not on your hamburger, you do not expect the employee behind the counter to either deny your request for pickles or charge you extra for them — even if you only paid 99 cents for the hamburger — that is, unless the usual policy is to charge customers extra for pickles or that the restaurant does not typically have pickles on the premises.

If the employees fail significantly to satisfy you and the source of the blame is within the company, the company should do whatever it takes within reason to ensure your satisfaction and increase the chance that you will return to patronize that company in the future, in my opinion.

Megabus has an interesting policy where if you arrive at your destination greater than two hours late…

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