Lost and Found: The True Meaning of Our Frequent Flier Community

“I know this is a long shot but I’m willing to try”, posted FlyerTalk member lskohn. “I think I left a beloved hooded fleece jacket at the LAX United Club around 5 pm, but couldn’t go back to look for it when I noticed it wasn’t with me at boarding time. If you are there: it is grayish/dun, with bright pink cuffs – a ScotteVest (ie lots of interior pockets). Probably no i.d. and in the pockets maybe only a gas and Avis receipt. In the seats near the smaller beverage station.”

“Got it – pm me your address and I will send it” was the fantastic news posted by…

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How You Can Send Kevin Pinto a Birthday Card

Kevin Pinto is a legend of sorts — at least, in the minds of frequent fliers of Delta Air Lines, where he had worked for many years — and a request was sent by an employee of Delta Air Lines that it would be uplifting to Kevin if he received birthday cards “from all over.”

Who better than to fulfill that request than frequent fliers who travel all over the world?

Kevin officially retired from Delta Air Lines on December 31, 2012 as a result of…

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Your Assistance Requested With Plans For Tenth Anniversary for a Fellow Frequent Flier

In June of 2005, a person joined FlyerTalk with the name flyfarfar and asked for assistance from fellow FlyerTalk members for advice on a “great” trip to San Francisco from the midwestern United States for the purpose of proposing to his girlfriend — and in response, he received suggestions which he considered great as well.

That was greater than nine years ago. Today…

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Tragedy Strikes a Fellow Frequent Flier; Please Help With a Simple Favor

Both the step-daughter and seven-week-old grandchild of a fellow frequent flier had been killed by the father of the baby — and the father of the baby then turned the gun on himself.

This sudden tragedy left the frequent flier in question and his family in shock; and the reasons as to why this happened are unknown at this time.

Because he posted in a restricted forum on FlyerTalk, I do not want to reveal his identity; but he did place the following request…

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New Company Representative Feature on FlyerTalk

Making it easy to recognize company representatives by having the FlyerTalk name of the representative in green as well as the title Company Representative is meant to enhance your FlyerTalk experience in case you need to contact an official company representative through FlyerTalk, or to ensure that promotions, information or news posted regarding that particular company are indeed official.

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The New FlyerTalk Ambassador Program

If you have recently spotted some FlyerTalk members with the title Ambassador below their FlyerTalk name, that is because a new test program has been launched in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, Hyatt Gold Passport, oneworld and Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus forums on FlyerTalk.

Feedback collected over the years suggests that new members — as well as some long-time “lurkers” —may  feel intimidated, isolated or simply unsure about how to get the most out of FlyerTalk. Also, many FlyerTalk members reportedly are seeking basic and repetitive information, but are not certain as to how to find this information without irritating or annoying more experienced and knowledgeable FlyerTalk members.

The new Ambassador program is currently being developed to address, mitigate and hopefully resolve both issues. The Ambassador program would recognize the “most helpful of the helpful” as well as provide a reliable source of FlyerTalk members who volunteer to greet and assist new members to help make them feel more comfortable with their FlyerTalk experience, assist in answering questions, and help FlyerTalk members expand their network of friends and colleagues. The primary responsibility of appointed Ambassadors would be to help FlyerTalk become a more welcoming community.

However, Ambassadors would not be responsible for resolving member conflicts, editing or deleting posted content, responding to content reported by other FlyerTalk members, merging threads, or any other tasks that require official FlyerTalk moderation action. If a FlyerTalk member approaches an Ambassador with any such issue, the Ambassador would respond by assisting the FlyerTalk member to use the proper reporting channels.

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Help a FlyerTalk Member Win in the British Airways Face Of Opportunity Contest

Vote for for the company of FlyerTalk member ShopAround in the British Airways Face Of Opportunity contest for small businesses. 250 winners will attend networking events, be flown in the economy class cabin to London and then on to another destination of their choice. As a small business owner who could benefit greatly from this, it is important for her to be one of the winners.

Voting is free and there is no email address or registration required. One can vote multiple times but only once per 24-hour period. Voting is open until November 19th.

As ShopAround asks, “Please vote for me in the BA Face Of Opportunity contest.”

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You Don’t Have to Be Jewish…

…to vote for FlyerTalk member weinberg81, who is asking fellow FlyerTalk members to Vote to help a FlyerTalk member be named Jewish Community Hero of the Year.

Each vote in this particular endeavor requires nothing more than a click of a button once per day, unlike the antics of a specific FlyerTalk member — who shall remain nameless — who enters contests that require registration.

Please consider taking a few seconds to assist a fellow FlyerTalk member reach a goal. Thank you.

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Help a FlyerTalk Member Fight Famine

FlyerTalk member Downunder girl asked members of the FlyerTalk community to Sponsor Mini Downunder girl for WORLD VISION 40 hr famine 21st August 2009, and the request is being repeated for 2010 for her daughter, who will not use any furniture for 40 hours.

The original goal was a modest $250.00, which has already since been surpassed.

Consider sponsoring the daughter of Downunder girl for a good cause. However, if you need further incentive, all donations greater than $2.00 are supposedly tax deductible.

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