“I Need As Many Airsick Bags As I Can Get!!!”

Although life for FlyerTalk member Helena Handbaskets is not — well — hell in a hand basket, he (not she) is not nauseous or sick at all — at least, as far as we know, anyway.

Rather, he is asking fellow FlyerTalk members: “Will you help me collect (clean) airsickness bags for my son’s B’day?

His son is celebrating his fifth birthday with a party on February 20, and Helena Handbaskets would like to use the airsick bags for guests to take home with them, filled with party favors.

Although this is short notice, any assistance to fulfill this unusual request would most likely be greatly appreciated, but please ensure the airsick bags have not already been — ahem — used.

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FT secret santa

The elves are busy preparing for the gift season ahead and doing their final checks on the FT naughty or nice list. If you want to take part in the annual FT secret santa, sign up now (details in the first post) before it is too late (1 December).

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FlyerTalk Member Alleged Arrested for Refusing to Show Identification Upon Request

With a Flyer “Processed” (Arrested?) in NM After Declining to Show ID — and the person in question being identified as a FlyerTalk member — fellow FlyerTalk members are lining up to contribute to a fund to assist for his potential legal expenses.

The story is also apparently gaining worldwide attention.

However, is there more to this story? What exactly did this FlyerTalk member and his traveling companion allegedly do at the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico to get in trouble in the first place, and why are FlyerTalk members eager to come to his aid?

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URGENT: Help a FlyerTalk Member Stranded in Zurich

What was supposed to be a fun holiday weekend in Europe is suddenly turning out to be unexpectedly inconvenient and problematic for FlyerTalk member jenniparks, as she has a specific question about Delta in ZRH – urgent.

Instead of enjoying bratwurst and beer in Switzerland, her passport, money and identification were all stolen while in Zurich. She has no way of identifying herself and is doubtful as to whether she will be able to return home to the United States. Worse yet, the Delta Air Lines ticket counters at the airport in Zurich are closed until Monday 7 September, and the United States consulate is closed for the American Labor Day holiday and will not re-open again until Tuesday 8 September.

Can you offer advice and help reassure jenniparks that she will indeed be able to return home?

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Postcards, Stamps and University

The daughter of a long-time friend of FlyerTalk member chrissxb has graduated from high school with her diploma and is readying to be matriculated as a student at a university.

Because she likes picture postcards with nice stamps from fancy places, chrissxb has launched a FlyerTalk postcard project: send wishes to a friend for her high school diploma where details are posted as to what you are supposed to post regarding sending postcards by FlyerTalk members to this successful high school graduate.

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