URGENT: Help a FlyerTalk Member Stranded in Zurich

What was supposed to be a fun holiday weekend in Europe is suddenly turning out to be unexpectedly inconvenient and problematic for FlyerTalk member jenniparks, as she has a specific question about Delta in ZRH – urgent.

Instead of enjoying bratwurst and beer in Switzerland, her passport, money and identification were all stolen while in Zurich. She has no way of identifying herself and is doubtful as to whether she will be able to return home to the United States. Worse yet, the Delta Air Lines ticket counters at the airport in Zurich are closed until Monday 7 September, and the United States consulate is closed for the American Labor Day holiday and will not re-open again until Tuesday 8 September.

Can you offer advice and help reassure jenniparks that she will indeed be able to return home?

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Postcards, Stamps and University

The daughter of a long-time friend of FlyerTalk member chrissxb has graduated from high school with her diploma and is readying to be matriculated as a student at a university.

Because she likes picture postcards with nice stamps from fancy places, chrissxb has launched a FlyerTalk postcard project: send wishes to a friend for her high school diploma where details are posted as to what you are supposed to post regarding sending postcards by FlyerTalk members to this successful high school graduate.

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Airline Comparison Forum: Is It Time?

There are many forums on FlyerTalk which are specific to a number of airlines.

However, what if a FlyerTalk member is attempting to decide on which airline to become a frequent flier member? What if the choice is between several airlines? Researching each airline forum for all of the answers, along with detailed comparisons of benefits and disadvantages, can get rather cumbersome.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place where the information can be compared?

FlyerTalk member l’etoile asks for Thoughts on a “which airline for me?” type forum? in which she proposes such a place on FlyerTalk.

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Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings

The Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings: An Idea thread is a thread which I launched that will hopefully assist more FlyerTalk members in attending gatherings of FlyerTalk members around the world.

The basic concept for this idea is simple: if there was some way one could work, either before or after attending a gathering of FlyerTalk members, then one could theoretically attend more of them more often. Perhaps a FlyerTalk member in the host location could scout a customer from his or her network of people that has a need for a product or service that a FlyerTalk member can fulfill.

If this is an idea in which you would like to actively participate, or if you have suggestions on how to improve this idea, by all means please post in the Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings: An Idea thread.

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Cancer Victim Seeks Frequent Traveler Mentor

FlyerTalk member hinsopa has been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer in 2006 and is looking for a mentor.

hinsopa says:

“My life changed drastically with that diagnosis. I have found that going to conferences and retreats with other survivors to be the best way to get the support I need to live with cancer stalking me.
Anyway, I need to maximize getting FF so I can make my dreams realities. $$ is slim since I am able to work only parttime and work in children’s services.
I need someone that is willing to answer questions and help coach me on steps I can take. So far, all I have done is the Delta car rental promotion.
Any takers?”

Would you offer to assist hinsopa?

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The FlyerTalk Economy

At the time that this was written, there were 177,464 FlyerTalk members — enough people to populate a moderately-sized city.

It stands to reason, therefore, that FlyerTalk members, who are as varied and diverse as the population of most cities and towns throughout the world, could support each other in what I like to call the FlyerTalk Economy.

Perhaps your company is searching for a new employee? Is there a product or service that you want? Are you looking to travel to meet other FlyerTalk members and are looking for ways to increase your capital to finance the trip? Do you need assistance in completing a project?

Why not give preference to fulfilling your needs to a fellow FlyerTalk member?

Here are four threads to help jump-start the FlyerTalk Economy:

  • Hire a FlyertalkerIdeal for both FlyerTalk members who are searching for employment, as well as FlyerTalk members who are looking to hire someone.
  • The FlyerTalk Business Exchange Forum Ideal for both FlyerTalk members who are searching for a product or service, as well as FlyerTalk members who are looking to promote either their own products and services or the products and services of their companies.
  • Earning Compensation to Attend FlyerTalk Gatherings: An IdeaIf you are attending a gathering of FlyerTalk members and are seeking ideas on how to finance the trip, why not be creative and ask FlyerTalk members in the area in which you plan to visit and find out if someone who can use your talents, products or services will compensate you?
  • The Continuous “Please Assist a FlyerTalk Member” Get-Together Thread – Ideal for those FlyerTalk members who can mutually benefit each other by agreeing to offer their assistance and support to the other in order to complete projects, such as working on each other’s homes.

If there are any other threads that you believe would contribute to the FlyerTalk Economy, please send me an e-mail at and I will update what has been posted here.

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FlyerTalk Ambassador Program

The TalkBoard of FlyerTalk is welcoming comments from all FlyerTalk members about a program which will be voted upon by TalkBoard members.

The FlyerTalk Ambassador Program will officially bestow volunteer FlyerTalk members as ambassadors of specific FlyerTalk forums where, amongst other duties, they will welcome new FlyerTalk members, have all FlyerTalk members feel more comfortable about participating in the FlyerTalk community, and be available to answer specific questions in and about a FlyerTalk forum in a positive and welcoming manner.

Is this a good idea? What do you think?

Please opine, as well as read what TalkBoard members and other FlyerTalk members have to say, in the Comments Welcome, Voting Underway – Flyertalk Ambassador Proposal thread.

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