Exclusive Live Reports From the Air France CDG DO

Several FlyerTalk members will be reporting from the 2012 CDG “Do” powered by Air France and Aéroports de Paris, the official agency which oversees the airports in the greater Paris metropolitan area. This is the first gathering of FlyerTalk members of its kind for Air France, emulating to a smaller extent the gatherings of FlyerTalk members in cooperation with Delta Air Lines. Venues at this event include but are not limited to…

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FlyerTalk Member Sues Loyalty Program Company for $7,000 Over 250,000 Miles

FlyerTalk member Marathon Man is suing Cartera Commerce, Inc. — the company which powers many of the shopping mall Internet web sites for airlines — for $7,000.00 plus expenses, as he personally has greater than 300 outstanding mileage transactions with them which should have resulted in bonuses awarded to him from the United Airlines Months of Miles promotion of greater than 250,000 United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles. He has yet to receive his miles. Marathon Man is calling on fellow FlyerTalk members who also have yet to receive their miles from the promotion to join him in seeking justice, and he wants for this support to double as a gathering of FlyerTalk members, complete with food and drink. His court case case is to be heard in the historic town of Concord, Massachusetts on…

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What Were the Most Memorable Gatherings of FlyerTalk Members in 2010?

If you participated in any, try to remember The DO highlights of the past year. What gatherings of FlyerTalk members were memorable to you, and what were the reasons? Were they the activities in which you participated, the people you met, the topics you discussed, the locations where you were, or a combination of some or all of these reasons?

Please do not hesitate to post photographs and links, as other FlyerTalk members have done…

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FlyerTalk Members Were Airport Gate Agents For a Morning

Approximately 80 FlyerTalk members became deputized as gate agents for Delta Air Lines on a recent October weekend at the international airport in Atlanta, spread at gates throughout every concourse and working mainline flights, regional jet flights and international as well as domestic flights.

We Were Delta Air Lines Gate Agents for the Morning as part of The 2010 Second Annual Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk Event — October 21-24, 2010., and some FlyerTalk members even memorialized their experience in this BoardingArea weblog. However, despite the fact that attendees piloted flight simulators, dined well, took part in Road Warrior Training and toured such areas as the Operations Control Center, the Technical Operations Center, the Delta Heritage Museum, the towers above Concourses A and E, and met with executives of Delta Air Lines — which included the chief executive officer — being gate agent for a morning was one of the most popular venues of the event.

Many FlyerTalk members say that being a gate agent — normally a grueling job with many responsibilities, restrictions and tight deadlines —  simply did not last long enough and wished that it could have lasted the entire day or longer. Incredibly enough, no FlyerTalk member was compensated for being a gate agent!

One would think that with access to such functions as upgrades, scanning boarding passes and making official announcements at the gate, having FlyerTalk members as gate agents would be a recipe for disaster. Not so — in fact, the weekend was a rousing success!

The end result was that not only did FlyerTalk members have a whole new appreciation and understanding about what it takes to be a gate agent and what their job entails, but gate agents also have a whole new appreciation for the customers who fly frequently. Best of all, everyone — including Delta Air Lines management — had a great time and enjoyed!


Yes — as a side note, I was gate agent for a morning twice, as pictured above. Click on the photograph for a larger view. I was also invited to write an entry as a guest “blogger” for the official weblog of Delta Air Lines.

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Attend the Star Alliance MegaDo For Free With Randy Petersen — Times Two!!!

Whether it is Part II or Times Two, FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen is at it again.

Unlike last year, where there was only one winner, he is offering two FlyerTalk members who became a member prior to September 16, 2010 a chance to Come Fly With Me (FLY FOR FREE) on the Star Alliance MegaDo II.”

If you are one of the two lucky FlyerTalk members, you will receive the following, compliments of Randy Petersen:

  • Round-trip airfare to Houston
  • Complimentary VIP attendance to The Frequent Traveler Awards in Houston
  • Airfare on the private charter (Houston-Phoenix-Seattle-Houston) with nearly 300 other FlyerTalker members
  • Two nights of lodging
  • Additional expenses, including meals

For additional details — as well as a chance to win — Randy Petersen says “Come Fly With Me (FLY FOR FREE) on the Star Alliance MegaDo II.”

For more information about the event itself, please refer to the StarmegaDO 2010 (SMD2) Nov 1-6, 2010 Masterthread.

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Just Announced: New Zealand Star Alliance FlyerTalk Member Gathering

If the StarmegaDO 2010 (SMD2) Nov 1-6, 2010 Masterthread does not provide enough opportunity for bonding with your fellow FlyerTalk members, consider attending the *A / Air NZ Mega DO – 13 December 2010, where Star Alliance is holding its annual chief executive board meeting and its  alliance mangement board meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand. Currently, details are scarce but will be posted as they become definitive.

Is anyone willing to host some Star Alliance FlyerTalk events to fill in the gap between 6 November and 13 December?

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StarmegaDo 2010 opens for booking

The first StarmegaDo (last November) was an extravanga and the organisers promise to top that this year (as if that is possible).  Booking starts midday (NYC time) Friday 12 June.  For more details and explanation of the changes (including non-refundable deposit), refer the thread.

Woohoo I can’t wait.

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The Mystery of the Brooklyn Reality Tour

FlyerTalk member dhammer53 has hosted the Brooklyn Reality Tour for nine consecutive years since he originally created this now-legendary FlyerTalk event and is preparing to host the 10th Annual Brooklyn Reality Tour. Saturday June 12, 2010, which dhammer53 has been proclaiming in no uncertain terms that this year will be the last year for the BRT, or Brooklyn Reality Tour — or is it?!?

In his own words, dhammer53 posts:

“For those of you that read between the lines, there will probably be a BRT 11. I’ve edited the first post so that you can figure out the riddle.”

Could this mean that the Brooklyn Reality Tour will still occur but no longer be annual event? Will dhammer53 still be the host of future Brooklyn Reality Tours? Is the extension primarily to entice FlyerTalk founder and member Randy Petersen to finally attend the tour? Or, could this be some devilishly fiendish plot to have the Brooklyn Reality Tour mentioned here at The Gate?

If it is the latter, nice try, dhammer53, but it will never work, as the Brooklyn Reality Tour will never be mentioned or posted here at The Gate.

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Three FlyerTalk Gatherings That Need No Promotion or Advertising

There are at least three notable FlyerTalk gatherings in the planning stages, set to take place this autumn and all promising to be events not to be missed.

  • StarmegaDO 2010 (SMD2) Nov 1-6, 2010 Masterthread — This event was so successful last year that FlyerTalk members are already lining up in droves for the event, as it promises to be just as exciting this year. Destinations include Frankfurt, Houston, Phoenix and Paine Field at Boeing in the Pacific Northwestern part of the United States. This event is set to coincide with the recently-announced establishment of the Frequent Traveler Awards ceremony — replacing the now-defunct Freddie Awards — in Houston, Texas.
  • Chicago Seminar DO October 2010 — While a specific date has not been confirmed, a powerfully incredible line-up of eleven seminars promises this event to be a rousing success. Speakers include several webloggers, FlyerTalk legends, and experts on everything from “mileage runs” to rental cars.
  • Delta 2010 DO Update — In only three short days with virtually no attempt to advertise this event with no specific dates or schedule definitively set as of yet, 143 people already expressed interest to attend this event in which the limit of attendees was capped at 60. Links to the event last year explain why the event this year is so wildly popular.
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