Star megado two

The first Star Alliance megado held last year was a blast enjoyed by over 200 FTers as we partied and met with 4 airlines in 4 countries on 2 continents.

The eagerly awaited details of the second megado are now up in the Community Buzz smd2 thread. It sounds great, and is only 6 months away.

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How to Meet Someone in Person Whom You DO Not Like on FlyerTalk

Let’s say you have just had an intense debate with another FlyerTalk member where not only does it seem to be impossible for both of you to disagree on the topics any more than you already do, but both of you have traded plenty of unwarranted and unproven accusations and opinions with each other to the point where the discussion borderlines on exchanging personal attacks with each other.

After heated/unpleasant discussions on FT, how do you interact at a DO in person?

The responses posted by FlyerTalk members are rather interesting to read, to say the least…

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Attend the Star Alliance MegaDo For Free? Here is Your Chance!

FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen knows no bounds when it comes to his generosity, as he has offered any FlyerTalk member who became a member prior to October 1, 2009 a chance to be his guest (FLY FOR FREE) at the Star Alliance MegaDo.

If you are the lucky FlyerTalk member, you will receive the following, compliments of Randy Petersen:

  • Round-trip airfare to either Chicago or New York
  • Round-trip airfare on the official trans-atlantic FlyerTalk Lufthansa flight joining everyone else in Frankfurt
  • Airfare on the private charter around Europe with nearly 300 other FlyerTalker members
  • Lodging along the way.
  • Airfares to get to the starting point in Europe — Frankfurt or Oslo — if that is more convenient for the selected FlyerTalk member if he or she resides in Europe or Asia.

For additional details — as well as a chance to win — please refer to the Be My Guest (FLY FOR FREE) at the Star Alliance MegaDo thread.

For more information about the event itself — on which the organizers have painstakingly worked hard — please refer to the New thread: Now confirmed! The first annual Star Alliance Mega DO November 3rd thru 6.

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Rest In Peace, Freddie Awards

It is official: in the Cancellation of the Freddie awards? thread, FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen, who also founded and hosted the Freddie Awards for greater than 20 years, has announced that the Freddie Awards has been discontinued, and states the thought process regarding his reasons.

To commemorate and celebrate the memory of the Freddie Awards, veteran FlyerTalk member dhammer53 has announced the 1st Annual … In Honour Of The Freddies DO… NYC… Saturday, April 24, 2010.

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One FlyerTalk Event in Three Different Countries

Perhaps you have attended a FlyerTalk event in the past and even met other FlyerTalk members. However, have you ever attended an event which will occur in three different countries?

If not, here is your chance with the 3-2-1-DO. 3 countries, 2 days, 1 DO. Switzerland, Germany, France (BSL) Apr17/18 2010, hosted by FlyerTalk’s very own chrissxb, who has experience organizing past FlyerTalk events — some of which are now considered legendary.

Reserve your place now!

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The Flying Mega FT Do

Both the US/transatlantic portion and the European leg of the flying mega do are now open for booking.

For those who’ve missed the previous The Gate post and the latest thread in Community Buzz, this will be a great cant miss event for all Flyer Talkers. Here’s the short version:
USA/transatlantic part

  • Chicago party hosted by United
  • Party flight to Newark
  • Newark party hosted by Continental
  • Party bus to JFK
  • Party flight to Frankfurt
  • flights back are included in the special fare

European part

  • Champagne breakfast
  • Charter flights to  Toulouse (via Oslo), with Randy & a team of slaves moderators serving onboard
  • Party at Oslo hosted by SAS
  • Exclusive Airbus tour
  • Charter flight to Frankfurt
  • Dinner
  • Frankfurt all-day event hosted by Lufthansa
  • 15,000 frequent flyer miles for the charter flight (select FFPs only)
  • more

The time to secure your place is now. The USA/transatlantic bit is optional (but sounds like so much fun). All you need to know in order to book is in the first 4 posts of the mega do thread.

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The Flying Mega FT Do

Mega doesn’t seem big enough to describe the Do being arranged by a team of FlyerTalkers.

It starts with festivities in Chicago hosted by United, then a party flight to Newark. More activities hosted by Continental, then a cross-town trip to JFK for the intercontinental party flight. This is just day one of the Star Alliance Mega Do.

To follow there are more activities at 3 more airports in 3 countries in Europe over the following 3 days, involving Lufthansa, SAS and Airbus, charter flights with two aircraft flying in tandem, Randy and some moderators as your flight attendants, and more.


Special fares for the charter and party flights, as well as connecting flights to and from this flying do have been arranged. There will even be miles credited on the charter flights, at least to some frequent flyer programs.

The first bookings (for US and trans-atlantic flights) start today. Check the current do thread to see what you need to do to participate in the FT do that surely will be talked about for years.

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Notable Quote: Who Said This, and Why?

Now and then, The Gate posts a quote which is worthy of being repeated here.

Today, the quote is as follows:

“I would pass on attending my own funeral to be a part of this!”

It seems as though this person is really excited, and that is an understatement.

Who said this, and why?

Please click here to find out…

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Freddie Awards 2009

With just a few days of voting left (at hopefully there will be no more emails from frequent flyer programs and frequent stay programs imploring for my vote.  Attention now turns to the annual get-together at the Freddies and over the following weekend – Fort Lauderdale April 23rd.

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