FlyerTalk Member Cleared of All Charges in Airport Security Identification Case

FlyerTalk member pmocek has been found by a jury not guilty of all four charges levied against him in what is being considered a landmark case pertaining to the rights of passengers when traveling.

The Gate first reported on this story back on November 16, 2009, and many FlyerTalk members are rejoicing at the decision of the court regarding how pmocek was arrested at the airport security checkpoint in Albuquerque, New Mexico for refusing to show his identification upon demand of Transportation Security Administration, or TSA.

Start reading here for the portion of the story after the verdict was reached which, among other things, includes a first-hand account of the court proceedings by FlyerTalk member bdschobel who was personally in the courtroom, as well as a link to a video of the actual incident which precipitated this court case.

To start from the beginning to get the complete story, please read the Flyer “Processed” (Arrested?) in NM After Declining to Show ID thread.

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Merry Christmas From The Gate, FlyerTalk and Its Members

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One Hundred People in New York Asked Her to Marry Him…

…but what was her response?

See the incredibly unique way that FlyerTalk member kimchi39 asked his girlfriend to marry him with A special marriage proposal from New York and Seoul, and read the reactions posted by other FlyerTalk members.

This is a trip report you will not want to miss, as it contains a narrative written straight from the heart, as well as photographs of travelers in New York from the United States and other countries who wrote in several different languages to convince the girlfriend to say “yes” and marry kimchi39 — and there is even a link to a video.

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The FlyerTalk Secret Santa Returns Again!

JOIN IN – OFFICIAL 2010 Secret Santa Extravaganza!

For the eighth straight year, the Secret Santa event occurs yet again on FlyerTalk.

The expected limit on your gift purchase is US$50.00 and does NOT include shipping and packaging costs, although no one will mind gifts of higher value or certain paper from airlines and hotels that are “priceless.” Plan to spend a minimum of US$35.00 on your gift, exclusive of shipping and packaging costs. The gift should be a personal item and NOT donations to a charity organization on their behalf.

You may volunteer to be a Secret Santa for up to three different FlyerTalk members. Although there is no guarantee, you can “request” particular individuals you would like to get assigned to you for your gift buying. Secret Santas have the option of remaining anonymous. To participate, you must be a registered FlyerTalk member at the time you send your private message and not be merely a “lurker.”

The deadline to participate is December 1, 2010 at 5:00 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time.

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Randy Petersen to Leave FlyerTalk

In what is arguably the saddest news to ever affect FlyerTalk in its greater than 12-year history, FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen, in An open letter to the members of FlyerTalk, announces that he is leaving FlyerTalk at the end of the year.

The Gate will expand and opine on this breaking news at a later date with an editorial.

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Visit the Original Home of FlyerTalk

FlyerTalk members have an open invitation by none other than FlyerTalk founder and member Randy Petersen to visit the place known as the “House of Miles” at 1930 Frequent Flyer Point in Colorado Springs, Colorado — and one can arrive with no advance notice.

If Randy Petersen happens to be in the office, he will be more than happy to show his visitors around on a tour of the “House of Miles” and will supply his guests with gifts such as T-shirts, luggage tags and pens, as well as free snacks from the snack basket.

If you are a FlyerTalk member and somehow manage to find yourself in Colorado Springs, take the time to visit the “House of Miles.” More information and details can be found here.

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Are You a Frequent Flier? How Would You Like to Become a Television Star?

It is possible that you may become a celebrity, as A Reality TV Show — Seeks To Make A FlyerTalker a Star by a major television network which is attempting to find participants for a new television show.

This television show will address a story of the secret double life of a FlyerTalk member as a mileage-obsessed frequent flier who also has a life most know in “reality.”

Do you lead what most people consider a normal life, but yet turn into this voracious miles and points monster, hungering for the best deals while securing elite status in you favorite frequent flier loyalty program? Do people even know about this obsessive side of you — is it a secret, or does the whole world know that you are indeed crazy?

This new television show will focus on the secret lives of frequent fliers, and they can even remain anonymous if preferred — although if they would like to “come clean,” the television show is also offering professional help for anyone who would like help confronting the truth.

Best of all, if casted for this television show, you get to earn real money! What better way is there to fund one’s miles and points addictions — er…we mean hobbies?

This is a real casting call, and it is open for a limited time. Find out how you can possibly be the next television star…

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You Don’t Have to Be Jewish…

…to vote for FlyerTalk member weinberg81, who is asking fellow FlyerTalk members to Vote to help a FlyerTalk member be named Jewish Community Hero of the Year.

Each vote in this particular endeavor requires nothing more than a click of a button once per day, unlike the antics of a specific FlyerTalk member — who shall remain nameless — who enters contests that require registration.

Please consider taking a few seconds to assist a fellow FlyerTalk member reach a goal. Thank you.

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Happy Birthday to Who?

There is a certain gentleman who is celebrating a birthday today, but he is a rather modest sort of person.

We at The Gate decided not to call attention to his birthday. If you do happen to wish him a happy birthday, you did not find out from us.

Let us keep this our own little secret, shall we?

Now, as for the age of this person, that is information which we most certainly will not divulge…

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Tell Your September 11 Stories

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2010, FlyerTalk member Speedbird279 asks fellow FlyerTalk members about September 11, 2001: tell us your travel stories.

Not only do FlyerTalk members oblige, but there are links to threads first posted on September 11, 2010 which will transport the reader back in time to that day and read what was posted as the events were unfolding…

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