“A Special Welcome for Our Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and FlyerTalk Members for Flying With Us Today…”

FlyerTalk member ComAirKid wants to know How to meet other FT’ers on same flight — and, of course, the ideas and suggestions abound from fellow FlyerTalk members, including:

  • Proudly displaying one’s bright yellow FlyerTalk luggage tag
  • Announcements via the public address system of the aircraft by flight attendants
  • Tattoos
  • Using the emergency exit pamphlets
  • Secret passwords and handshakes
  • Removing one’s clothing and running up and down the aisles of the aircraft

..or, perhaps finding out the old-fashioned way: start a conversation with your seatmate.

What is your idea or suggestion?

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She Said “Yes!” — Another Engaging Topic on FlyerTalk…

FlyerTalk member kokonutz says, “I proposed…to another Flyertalker…on an airplane. And, shockingly, she said YES!

Now kokonutz will be busy with a lot of preparation and planning for marrying his fiancée, FlyerTalk member I012609.

We at The Gate enjoy spreading good news concerning FlyerTalk members, such as this particular “ring leader” — and this posting is no exception, as we congratulate kokonutz and I012609 and wish the lucky couple a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life together!

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FlyerTalk Member News

The Gate debuts a new feature that highlights news about members of FlyerTalk. Please let us know what you think, as well as provide comments and suggestions. If there is news about — or are photographs taken by — a FlyerTalk member that you would like posted here at The Gate, please contact us.

Thank you.


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Announcing the Winner Who Posted the 1,000,000th FlyerTalk Thread…

…and, as promised, The Gate is proud to announce the official winner of the 1,000,000th FlyerTalk thread, launched on May 7, 2010 at 4:46 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time, in the words of FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen:

“Here’s the 1,000,000th thread on FlyerTalk:

It is in the Delta SkyMiles forum and titled: Fewer mileage earning opportunities this year?

The winner is member samonyc — Tom Wallace of New York City, who joined FlyerTalk in July 2009. Says Tom, ‘I discovered FlyerTalk just about a year ago when I was trying to figure out why 10,000 MQMs suddenly appeared in my SkyMiles account. I was so enthralled by all the useful information (and speculation) that I’ve been visiting several times a day ever since.’

And this week I’ll be sending Tom a new iPad (which he is very, very excited about) to thank him for his support of FlyerTalk and for being the starter of FlyerTalk’s one millionth thread.”

We at The Gate congratulate Tom as well, and we hope Tom enjoys his new Apple iPad!

For your enjoyment, the following links are to FlyerTalk threads regarding discussion amongst FlyerTalk members speculating on who posted the 1,000,000th FlyerTalk thread and when:

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Are You a FlyerTalk Member But NOT a Frequent Traveler?

If you’re an FT’er but NOT a frequent traveler, what brings you or brought you to FlyerTalk,” FlyerTalk member vicarious_MR’er wants to know, and FlyerTalk members — many of whom admit to not flying frequently — respond. Is it the “thrill of the chase” in pursuit of earning as many miles and elite status as possible while spending as little as possible? Perhaps you like to live vicariously through other FlyerTalk members and their exploits? Does it better educate you on earning miles and points when traveling?

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Posting Content on FlyerTalk 50,000 Times!

At the time this is being posted, The Gate’s very own Kiwi Flyer is currently shy by merely one of posting content 50,000 times on FlyerTalk. Keep in mind that content posted in such forums as the OMNI forum do not count as part of the total, so Kiwi Flyer may very well have posted onto FlyerTalk greater than 50,000 times. Regardless, early congratulations are in order for FlyerTalk member Kiwi Flyer!

However, Kiwi Flyer certainly has not posted content the most times on FlyerTalk. Find out who has posted more content on FlyerTalk in the 50K post club thread.

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An Engaging Topic on FlyerTalk

The Gate has recently posted a topic regarding Dating Discussion and Advice on FlyerTalk, not realizing that a marriage proposal was simultaneously in the works — and it was initiated with an onion ring.

We knew about the relationship between FlyerTalk members FlyinHawaiian and Calcifer, but had no idea just how serious is that relationship — until now.

Please be sure to offer Congratulations to FlyinHawaiian and Calcifer on their Engagement!!!

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Who is the Most Trusted Authority in Online Travel?

Speaking of contests whose first prize is nothing more than bragging rights and a public acknowledgment, FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen has been involuntarily entered into a contest as to who is the most trusted authority in online travel. In this informal poll, he placed third.

However, because Randy Petersen can be quite modest, we at The Gate decided not to post this entry until after the poll was closed, a FlyerTalk-wide announcement was deleted, and the Vote for Randy! thread was locked. In fact, what keeps Randy Petersen happy is when he is “toiling in the shadows to help make frequent flyer information available to the many who can benefit from FlyerTalk.”

Would you have voted for Randy Petersen as the most trusted authority in online travel? If so, why? If not, why not, and for whom would you have voted?

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