The $40 Airfare That Wasn’t

When FlyerTalk members heard about a base fare of US$40.00 from the United States to India on British Airways, they started purchasing tickets within a window of approximately two or so hours. However, once taxes and fees were included, the lowest airfare was greater than US$500.00. Despite the exorbitant taxes and fees, the airfare was still a good deal.

British Airways thought it was too good of a deal, so they canceled tickets, allegedly with little warning. Mix in angry and confused FlyerTalk members with inaccurate reports of this situation by the media, and the discussion in the (Fare Gone) BA: US-BOM, $555 a/i; Y fare thread is bound to get interesting…

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The Drama of Getting to Southeast Asia in Business Class for Fewer Than US$2,000

FlyerTalk members took advantage of a (FARE GONE) DL: JFK/BOS to DPS/CGK/MNL via Europe – 1482 USD ++ – Business Class round-trip airfare when it was first announced back in April, creating routes that allowed them to potentially earn thousands of both actual frequent flier program miles and elite status qualification miles while traveling in comfort and style — even going so far as to choose some of the more premium airlines in the world — to exotic destinations in Southeast Asia.

However, problems have started to surface regarding those who have started out on their journeys, only to hit unexpected snags and snafus, and the ongoing saga continue. One example is that FlyerTalk member UVAhoo06 was unexpectedly upgraded on a flight, only to have that flight possibly miss the connection to the next flight.

At the time this entry was posted, nobody knows what happened to UVAhoo06 or where in the world UVAhoo06 is located…

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Mileage Runs: Sick and Tired

This is not about being sick and tired of mileage runs, but rather what if one is sick and tired: should one still attempt to go on or finish a mileage run?

Not feeling well, FlyerTalk member cobrax333 seeks advice from fellow FlyerTalk members about what to do in the Last MR Tomorrow and I’m sick! thread.

…so how important are miles, points and elite status as compared to the condition of one’s health, anyway?!?

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Thank You for Flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles…Through Boston?!?

FlyerTalk members who also do “mileage runs” are an interesting breed of people indeed…especially when there is a promotion where one can earn bonus elite qualification miles or regular miles.

FlyerTalk member Gamecock reports that a FA thanks MRers!, acknowledging those passengers who are on a “mileage run” by thanking them over the public address system on-board a flight recently.

With the opportunity to share their experiences every chance they get, FlyerTalk members share their stories of flying itineraries such as San Francisco to Los Angeles via Boston, Boston to Newark via San Francisco, and Dallas to Frankfurt via San Francisco and Chicago, but using those far-flung airports as connecting cities rather than destinations.

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FTers win 24 million United miles

The results of United’s 2008 elite choice team competition are coming in and it appears that about 100 FTers have between them won 24 million United miles (plus a few other goodies) by flying lots.  With only 50 teams winning 1 million United miles each that is a fantastic collective achievement.  The 24 teams of 4 people all earned more than 350,000 additional United Mileage Plus EQMs in 2008 compared with 2007 (added over the team), with one team the Grateful Ted amassing 2.2 million EQM in 2008.  Congratulations to all the winners.  The 50-odd FT teams taking part reported over 28 million EQMs in 2008, an increase of over 17 million on their 2007 figures.

To find out more (and perhaps get some tips in case United re-runs the competition this year), check out the thread.

PS United if you are reading this, please make it open to non-Americans too.

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$9 Flight Available During 9-Hour Sale Today Only!

If you want to fly between Boston and Buffalo, it will cost you as little as US$9.00 each way plus taxes and fees on jetBlue airlines for travel through 10 February 2009, but the offer is only good until 6:00 in the evening tonight!

For additional details, hurry on over to the JetBlue: BOS – ? $9 fares (sale today Fri 12/19 9 am – 6 pm) thread right now and book your flight before 6:00 tonight!

Other flights between Boston and other cities are also available during this limited promotion, but they are more expensive although they are discounted from the usual airfares.

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