Crazy routings between stopovers

Fellow The Gate author, Canarsie, recently flew between Atlanta and San Diego via London.  Crazy for some, but perhaps not that unusual amongst Flyer Talkers.  What crazy routings have you taken?

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Has Perpetual Motion Finally Been Realized?

Not exactly…

FlyerTalk member theoflyalot asks if a Self Perpetuating Mileage Run is realistic.

The logic presents in that thread is this: “Is this realistic – buy a cheap(~210) flight from the west coast to florida with lots of stop overs. Things invariably go wrong with flights/delays etc. If you have status, with 8 segments you shoudl be able to come up with a few things to complain about.. you can then use these ~200 in vouchers to buy a new flight, starting the whole cycle over again…”

Is a Self Perpetuating Mileage Run realistic and doable?

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Antarctica: A FlyerTalk Ice Breaker?

I remember the days when the Antarctica forum seldom saw any activity. FlyerTalk members rarely posted to it. It simply sat there, lost in the FlyerTalk universe remaining largely undiscovered, just like the geographic territory of its namesake.

However, whether the reason is because there are more registered FlyerTalk members or more people are visiting Antarctica these days – or both – the Antarctica forum is now holding its own as it has seen a marked increase in posting and viewing traffic.

If you are even thinking about taking a trip to Antarctica one day, don’t freeze up. You owe it to yourself to stop by the Antarctica forum, as it is rich with information and experiences of FlyerTalk members who have already been there. It is snow use to avoid the Antarctica forum any longer.

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Mileage runs

For some Flyer Talkers mileage runs are a necessity to requalify or a luxury to boost their mileage balance, while for others mileage run is just another forum (<here>) on the FT page.  There is no doubt that a lot of mileage runs are done by FTers, and so gravy asks in this thread “How many FTers are Mileage-Running at any one time?”

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What to Do in New York City in the Middle of the Night?

Yes, while the thought that came to your mind could be a valid suggestion, I am certain that that is not for what FlyerTalk member Hoc was searching.

In planning a”mileage run”, Hoc was attempting to figure out what to do overnight in New York City on a Wednesday night in June.

Find out what suggestions were posted for Hoc to consider, as well as what Hoc decided to do and what actually happened, in the Recommendations For Middle of the Night Activities? thread.

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Mileage run during operational meltdown

Thanks to a question by GregL, the ethics of taking flights just for the purpose of earning mileage during a time of massive disruption (eg American Airlines grounding of their MD-80/88 fleet) are being debated here.  Would you do it?  Think of the miles and possibly bump vouchers.  Think again of the fellow travellers who are stranded somewhere.  What would you do and why?

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Changing a mistake fare

daveinsf asks if it is reasonable to expect to be able to change a mistake fare.  Some rather interesting viewpoints in the discussion.  What do you think?

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What is a round the world good for anyway?

Curious by all the posts on FT about round the world (RTW) tickets, BigLar asks what people use them for – a once in a lifetime trip, mileage run, status run, or something else.  Lots of useful feedback on why FTers buy them, and how to choose or get the most out of them, on the thread.

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