Are Miles and Points Becoming Worthless?

“Not a good time to break intro the field, miles will be somewhat worthless in the next few years” is a statement posted by FlyerTalk member CDKing pertaining to this discussion of a “blogger” supposedly exploiting a trick to the point where it may actually be more fiction than fact.

You might have noticed that I have not posted as many articles per day as I used to post here at The Gate. Part of the reason is because my time and efforts have been consumed by the unnecessary obstacles which I have had to endure simply to get the miles and points I earned credited to me, which causes me to wonder if CDKing is correct: are miles and points becoming worthless?

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Do Expiration Dates on Miles and Points Make Sense?

“Hyatt is punishing me for my lack of past business, and is losing my future business as a result. And every year, it’s doing the same thing to thousands of other inactive Gold Passport members. Surely, that’s cutting off your nose to spite your face. Or, in a single word: stupid.”

Those are the closing words of…

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Earn Up to 5,000 SkyMiles for Donating to the American Cancer Society

You can earn a one-time bonus up to a maximum of 5,000 bonus SkyMiles for your generosity by Sunday, May 31, 2015 when you are amongst the first 5,000 members of the SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program to donate to the American Cancer Society — with whom Delta Air Lines is a proud partner in support of life-saving research, screening and much more — as shown below…

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Do We Take Travel, Miles and Points Too Seriously?

“I feel that we all MUST feel childlike every day for some time at least”, posted Kumar in the Comments section of this episode — yes, George, episode — of the TravelBloggerBuzz weblog. “It is such a psychological healer that nothing else can come close to. Forget booze etc etc. If every man can get to that childlike innocence, enthusiasm and let go, this world will be much better place to live. All these fightings day in and day out are due to people that have become cold hearted and live in their egos. I am not saying that let us all stop growing up. We grow up in values, wisdom and intelligence by going back and searching and finding the child within us. It is tricky but achievable.”

I cannot agree more, Kumar — especially as…

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Are Frequent Flier Miles Simply a Form of Bribery?

How close is the FFM phenom to bribery?

Please allow us to quote FlyerTalk member peace_meal, who admits to playing “devil’s advocate” on this topic:

“What, do you believe, is the difference between the following two scenarios:

1. An agent of a government’s military has to choose between two equipment providers who are bidding for the same contract from the military. One offers the agent points that could eventually be cashed in for equipment he could use for personal consumption. The other provider does not do this but offers a product that is better and might save on military costs.

The agent nevertheless picks the first as he sees personal gain even though the military loses a better option. Would most people consider this a bribe?

2. A travelling businessman has to choose between two airlines who offer travel between frequent work destinations. The company he works for has to bear the expense. One airline offers the businessman points that could eventually be cashed in for personal travel while the other doesn’t. The other airline however provides a lower cost choice and possibly a faster connection.

The businessman nevertheless picks the first as there is personal gain for him even though it is not the best business decision. Would most people consider this a bribe?”

What are your thoughts? How do other FlyerTalk members opine regarding this issue?

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How to Earn Free Miles

How does one earn Miles for Nothing — that is, not spend any money on obtaining miles?

Other than “breaking your foot onboard, sabotaging ICE, causing the aircraft to be switched to a non-A380, giving the chauffeur the wrong address then claim he didn’t turn up, having someone steal your seat, and then sending a complaint to customer services,” as one FlyerTalk member jokingly suggested, FlyerTalk members offer a plethora of ideas and links to Internet web sites where one may possibly earn miles for free.

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