A Whopper of a Holiday Deal?!?

With Burger King online- Send a greeting card with a $1 bill inside for only $1.

While this deal may never ketchup with the ability to Buy Presidential Dollar Coins with CC @ Face Value, Free Shipping, as FlyerTalk member mrpickles did with the coins deal to earn lifetime American Airlines AAdvantage gold elite status, this deal could cut the mustard for you. What you spend to earn extra miles on the Burger King holiday greeting card deal could be sandwiched with the coins deal to earn some miles on your favorite miles-earning credit card, or perhaps you prefer earning a little extra lettuce this holiday season.

Would you like fries with that?

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"Why Do People Want to Use MY Points and Miles?"

Are you a frequent traveler who has been approached by other people — including strangers — who ask to use your miles or points? This has happened to FlyerTalk member moman, which has led to a Minor Rant: Why do people want to use my points?

Have you ever been approached by someone so brash and blunt as for that person to believe that he or she is entitled to your miles and points upon request?

Some FlyerTalk members speculate that perhaps people believe the miles and points are equal to free travel at no cost to the owner of those miles and points. Other FlyerTalk members believe that there is a perception that miles and points have no value and therefore could be just given away upon request. Still other FlyerTalk members feel that some people indeed do give away their miles and points liberally to others, which may soften the barrier of approaching someone and simply asking for their miles and points, or at least paying for them for less cost that what it would take to purchase flights or hotel rooms outright.

There is one thing that is generally agreed upon by most FlyerTalk members: those who ask for miles and points usually have no clue as to the time and effort spent to accumulate them…

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The Biggest Dilemma You Face Using Miles and Points Could Make You a Winner

upintheair_ppIf you face a dilemma using your miles and points, your frustrations could win you and nine other people free tickets to a sneak preview in New York City on December 1 of the new motion picture Up in the Air starring George Clooney thanks to Condé Nast and Wendy Perrin, and your dilemmas and/or questions will be answered by none other than FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen, who will solicit assistance from select FlyerTalk members via private message.

For additional details and information, please refer to this announcement: Ten lucky Conde Nast readers to receive tickets to premier of “Up in the Air” + the wisdom of FlyerTalk

Hurry, though — the promotion ends at noon on Wednesday, November 25.

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Can One Earn Miles in Two Accounts?

FlyerTalk member ff_flyer99 wants to know if there are Two Airlines, Opposite Alliance but Same PNR: Earn Mileage on two accounts?

More specifically, here is what ff_flyer99 asks:

“If I have a booking with AC and then connecting to BA where both the AC and BA sectors are under the same PNR and I have a FF account with AC (to earn AC miles) and a FF account with CX (to earn BA miles) where both the AC and BA booking classes are mileage accurable to those respective FF programs, is it possible for me to earn mileages on the AC flight to the AC account and the BA flight to the CX account when both the AC and BA flights are under the same PNR? If so how does it work? Do I have to call both AC and BA to give them the respective FF # or can my Travel Agent input both FF accounts into the same PNR?”

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Divorce and Miles and Points

Divorce can be quite messy and troublesome enough, but the prospect of a FlyerTalk member sharing some — or even losing all — of his or her miles and points to a soon-to-be-former spouse can be sheer torture.

Here is a compendium of threads to help one sort through the rules and policies regarding a divorce in some frequent traveler loyalty programs:

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Worst Use of Miles…Ever!

What is Your Worst-ever Use of Miles?

Would it be when you spent them to get your girlfriend to visit you, only to be dumped by her three days later? Perhaps it was to have your sister-in-law stay with you for three months, only to do little more than fight constantly during that time. Could it be when you should have saved your miles and spent only $105 more for a revenue airline ticket? Maybe it was when you allowed all of your miles to expire…

…or, as some FlyerTalk members admit, the worst use of miles was not only such a bad use of miles after all, but also perhaps the best use of those miles?!?

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Using Miles for Economy Class Airfares Versus Premium Class Airfares

The “Savvy Traveler” Rant of FlyerTalk member brasov02 pertains to a common convention amongst some veteran frequent flier members that one gets more value out of using frequent flier miles for international itineraries in the premium cabin of an aircraft as opposed to the economy cabin. Is it not possible that there is more value out of using miles for the economy cabin versus the premium cabin? What about for domestic flights as compared to international flights? What do you think?

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Earning Miles Paying Mortgage Payments

In the never-ending quest to accumulate as many frequent traveler miles and points as possible, especially when doing everyday things that already need to be done anyway, FlyerTalk members attempt to search for every single convoluted method of which they can take full advantage to bulk up their frequent traveler accounts.

In this episode, FlyerTalk member sharmaintl asks about Making mortgage payments with a CC for miles — and, of course, the solution is never simple, as the topic is not only discussed in great detail, but then veers off into how governments and companies handle the fees that credit card companies charge them for allowing their customers to use credit cards…

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