Remember These Sale Fares Next Time There is a Mistake Fare…

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines have apparently had an airfare war with each other by pricing incredible deals from the hub airports of each other where you can fly to Europe through May — with the exception of a couple of weeks in late March and early April — for as low as $314.00 round-trip between Chicago and Moscow, including all taxes and fees.

Here are some more deals, all of which are round-trip and include all taxes and fees…

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Incorrect Prices and Mistake Fares: What is The Difference?

I read with interest an article posted by John Baker at Elliott earlier today which offers advice pertaining to How to get a company to honor an incorrect price — maybe — and it uses the example of customers purchasing a diamond necklace on sale from the catalog of Macy’s for $47.00 where it normally sells for $1,500.00.

The first thought which came to my mind was…

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Taking Advantage of Mistake Fares: A Question of Ethics?

Christine Krzyszton was taken to task by a couple of readers who commented on her article pertaining to “mistake” airfares and tips on how to procure them posted at Frugal Travel Guy: “Great advice on how to take advantage of someone else’s mistakes. Now, let’s all not get upset when the airlines keep our funds when we need to rebook a ‘non-refundable’ ticket due to our ‘mistake’ in booking a date that needs changing…. I’m thinking about cake and eating it?” and “Ethics: give it a try some time, Christine.”

Meanwhile, someone who claimed to be an “insider” allegedly told…

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Why I Did Not Report on the Big Airfare Mistake of This Weekend

“Can not understand why (most) my fellow bloggers are not YELLING about this one”, René posted at Delta Points yesterday about the airfare mistake from certain cities in the United States to places in Africa and the Middle East — such as Nairobi and Muscat, for example — which have priced as low as less than $200.00 per round-trip ticket for a seat in the economy class cabin on aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Here are three of the reasons why I chose not to report on it…

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Air Canada Not Honoring Mistake Award Redemptions?

Reports are starting to filter in that Air Canada apparently launched an audit as a result of an award pricing mistake which occurred last week where members of the Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program were able to travel anywhere in the world for the same price as a domestic round-trip award, which is 50,000 Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program points…

…and it appears that the warning that the “deal” may very likely not be honored may be coming true.

According to…

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“Mistake Fares Are Real”? Yes — But…

I was in the car with Howie Rappaport — who writes for Frugal Travel Guy — as he was talking to FlyerTalk member beaubo about his upcoming itineraries while FlyerTalk member HMPS was graciously driving us to the airport in Chicago, navigating through inclement weather after yet another successful Chicago Seminars…so it is no surprise to me to see an article written by Howie whose title is Mistake Fares and Mileage Runs Are Real — and, admittedly, much of what he writes is indeed true. Read the comments posted there, however. As of the time this article was written, readers were asking two questions…

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The United Airlines Award Redemption Error to China

By now, you have most likely heard about the infamous award redemption error on United Airlines which allowed its members to book premium class air travel to China and supposedly beyond for as few as four United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles — only to have those award redemptions rescinded by United Airlines, as officially announced by FlyerTalk member UA Insider. Customers will be given the choice to redeem their United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles at the regular redemption rate, or re-deposit their award redemption with all fees waived. To complicate matters, there are reports of United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program members who…

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