Reader Question: Do My Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Miles Still Count?

“It’s been years now but from 1986 to 1995 I was working with 3M and flew back and forth from the L.A. area to Minneapolis/St Paul. During that time corporate had us fly Northwest. I am curious as to if my miles still count and how do I get my account updated?”

Gilbert Orozco — who is a reader of The Gate — posted that comment recently in response to…

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Supreme Court: Rabbi Cannot Sue for Being Removed From Frequent Flier Program

The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ruled unanimously in the case of Northwest, Incorporated versus Ginsberg that the lawsuit initiated by S. Binyomin Ginsberg against Delta Air Lines was barred by the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. This means that the rabbi cannot sue the airline on allegations he was unfairly removed from a frequent flier program, based on opinion by…

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Supreme Court Justices to Review Case by Frequent Flier

The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States will hold one hour of oral arguments on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 pertaining to the review of the case of S. Binyomin Ginsberg — a rabbi who flies frequently to give lectures but his Northwest Airlines WorldPerks frequent flier loyalty program account was unceremoniously revoked in June of 2008 because he supposedly had the audacity to file 24 complaints within a period of eight months about the airline’s service and sought compensation which resulted in $1,925.00 in travel credit vouchers, $491.00 in cash reimbursements, 78,500 WorldPerks frequent flier loyalty program miles…

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Supreme Court to Hear Case of Northwest Airlines Versus Ginsburg

S. Binyomin Ginsberg is a rabbi who flies frequently to give lectures. However, Northwest Airlines dismissed Ginsburg unceremoniously from its WorldPerks frequent flier loyalty program in June of 2008 because he supposedly had the audacity to file 24 complaints within a period of eight months about the airline’s service and sought compensation — prompting him to…

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Any Way You Slice It, It is Still a Lime

Delta Air Lines used to cut the limes served with drinks on its flights into 10 slices. Northwest airlines used to cut its limes into 16 slices. Despite a potential savings of up to $500,000.00 per year, Delta Air Lines opted to keep cutting its limes into 10 slices, but because it apparently loaded more limes onto its flights than needed, Delta Air Lines now carries fewer limes on its flights.

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Boweled Over By Leather Seats Versus Cloth Seats

Unfortunately, the first word in the title is not a typographical error, as FlyerTalk member hockeystl recounts “Why I’m now a firm believer in DL leather vs NW cloth.”

We do not want to leak the details of the story to you, but be forewarned: the “brownies” discussed in this FlyerTalk thread are not the edible kind.

Reading this thread will leave you with one question: are you a man — or woman — of the cloth or of the leather? If you still choose “of the cloth,” perhaps the first action to be taken is that you start praying you do not sit in a cloth seat that has — er…how should we put this — earned its share of “brownie points”…

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Single Operating Certificate Approved for Delta Air Lines

The FAA Approves Single Operating Certificate for Delta Air Lines today, allowing Delta Air Lines to complete its integration with Northwest Airlines, which will fade into history.

The Single Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States clears the last hurdle for the two operations to use DL as the single carrier code and combine operations. Delta Air Lines can now function fully as a single airline, and employees will now be completely able to join forces and work together.

This news also means that — amongst other things — the Internet web site of Northwest Airlines will fade into oblivion and cease to exist, Delta Air Lines will be able to freely schedule flight itineraries and aircraft from the two airlines interchangeably and with complete flexibility, and the pilots will be trained on each other’s aircraft and will be able to share a single cockpit.

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Breaking News: Alleged Terrorist Attempts to Blow Up Delta Air Lines Aircraft with a Makeshift Explosive

A Passenger Attempts to Set Off Possible Bomb as Northwest Flight Lands in Detroit. The Nigerian passenger was allegedly working on behalf of a terrorist group, attempting to blow up the aircraft while it was in United States airspace as the Delta Air Lines aircraft, operating as a Northwest Airlines flight, was on its way to Detroit from Amsterdam.

The suspect was reportedly subdued by fellow passengers and was later treated for injuries which occurred as a direct result of the incident. The Airbus 330-300 aircraft with 278 passengers landed safely.

Here is the official Delta Air Lines Issues Statement on Northwest Flight 253.

This story is still developing at the time this content was posted and may be followed in the other FlyerTalk threads as additional information and details become available:

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Goodbye, Northwest Airlines WorldPerks

As the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks program has been integrated into the new Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program, so have the two FlyerTalk forums combined into the new Delta Air Lines SkyMiles forum, where one can stop by and read the comments lamenting the end of the Northwest WorldPerks frequent flier program, as well as optimistic comments pertaining to the new Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.

Both the old Delta SkyMiles and Northwest WorldPerks forums are still intact as sub-forums of the new Delta SkyMiles forum.

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