Attain Elite Status Twice as Fast on American Airlines and United Airlines…Again

Here we go again.

American Airlines and United Airlines are offering double elite qualification miles once more in 2009. You may recall that The Gate reported on when this was done the first time.

Now speculation runs rampant on other airlines who have not offered this promotion yet — and while some FlyerTalk members are ecstatic and even frenzied about this new round of bonus elite qualification mile promotions, there are FlyerTalk members who do not want for other airlines to offer a similar promotion — some of whom are quite adamant with their opposition. What are the reasons?

For more details, information, speculation and debate, please refer to the following threads:

Please stay tuned and fasten your seat belts…

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Like a Vacuum Cleaner or a Child with a Lollipop…

…apparently, with regard to airlines:

…and, just in case there was any doubt about United Airlines…

One FlyerTalk member asks:

…to which the response is, apparently definitively…

Sometimes, once is not enough, as in the case with the Continental Airlines OnePass frequent flier loyalty program:

The Internet web sites of airlines are apparently not immune either:

Once can suppose the grass is really greener on the other side…
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Attain Elite Status Twice as Fast on Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines

In an apparent response to the offers by United Airlines for Mileage Plus frequent flier members to earn double elite qualification miles on United Airlines flights and Continental Airlines for OnePass frequent flier members to earn double elite qualification miles on Continental Airlines flights as reported by The Gate, Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines are offering a similar promotion with notable differences as compared to the United Airlines and Continental Airlines offers: higher fare classes will count towards the earning of of up to triple Medallion Qualification Miles, or MQMs, for Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines flights worldwide…

…but are Northwest WorldPerks and Delta Air Lines SkyMIles members really earning up to triple Medallion Qualification Miles? Please read the How many flights will you book if Delta rolls out a 2X MQM Bonus right now? and Will NW/DL match AA/UA double EQM? threads for details, as well as some controversy and confusion.

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Free Miles on Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines

If you are both a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles member and a Northwest Airlines WorldPerks member, here is your chance to earn a quick and easy 500 miles when you Link NW and DL accounts.

Not only can you earn 500 free miles as a result of a minute or two of effort on your part, but once your accounts are linked, you are free to transfer miles between accounts as often as you like, free of charge.

Details of this offer may also be found in the Linking WorldPerks With Skymiles? [500 Mile Bonus after Link] thread.

Additionally, if you are interested in being matriculated for some higher education, how about a “degree” where you can earn hundreds — perhaps thousands — of Northwest WorldPerks miles? Pack your trunk and head on over to the Master WorldPerks University Thread [Merged Threads] where enrolling, participating in the courses and taking the final exams may be worth your while, and each course requires only mere minutes of your time. The WorldPerks miles immediately post to your Northwest Airlines WorldPerks account upon completion of each test. Dormitory facilities are not available, but at least there are no heavy textbooks to carry.

Keep in mind that both the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks and Delta Air Lines SkyMiles promotions are included here due to the recently announced merger between the two airlines, and it is expected that when the merger is finally completed, the miles from both programs will be combined.

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Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines Merger Has Been Officially Approved

The following breaking news just came in to The Gate:

The Department of Justice of the United States of America officially approved the merger between Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines.

Find out about how FlyerTalk members feel about the official approval in the following threads:

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February 29 travel delays – Y2K reincarnated!

Amazing that some travellers on at least a couple of airlines have reported travel delays due to February 29 computer bugs.  Check out these threads on the United and BMI forums.  Northwest hasn’t escaped either but seems to only affect the flight status information.

If I was CIO of any of these airlines I’d expect some stiff questioning.  It isn’t like February 29 sneaked up on us.

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