Toilet Problems Forces Airplane Full of Plumbers to Turn Around

A Boeing 737-8JP aircraft which operated as Norwegian Air Shuttle flight 1156 from Oslo to Munich on Saturday, January 27, 2018 was forced to turn around due to problems with the toilets…

…but flushed with irony is that of the 85 passengers aboard that airplane who are involved with the plumbing industry in Norway, as many as 70 of them were plumbers from…

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Norwegian Poised For Largest Expansion Yet in 2018

The rapid expansion of Norwegian continues in 2018 with many new destinations to be served with transatlantic flights by the growing low-cost airline — as well as increased frequencies of existing routes.

Additionally, a new enhanced…

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Norwegian Air Boeing 787 UNICEF Flight: Bid For Your Chance to Fly as a Passenger

As a way of celebrating its tenth anniversary of partnering with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund — which is more popularly known as UNICEF — Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is taking delivery of its first Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft sporting a UNICEF livery in September and carrying 144 tons of humanitarian aid cargo to Djibouti to be shipped across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen.

UNICEF has several refugee camps in Djibouti — including one of the largest in the world for Yemeni refugees — and it is also the closest safe point to transport aid to Yemen.

You can bid in this auction to join MegaDo and Norwegian Air Shuttle and travel aboard the inaugural Boeing 787 UNICEF humanitarian flight for this unique experience. Ten packages will be auctioned off, starting at…

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Flying Rights Granted to Subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle — But What Exactly Does That Mean?

An order was released from the Department of Transportation of the United States at the end of the day on Friday, December 2, 2016 in which the Irish subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle was granted flying rights with a foreign air carrier permit — which further exacerbated the controversy between factions of an ongoing debate pertaining to the validity of permitting the airline to serve the United States with low airfares.

“Following Norwegian’s Irish subsidiary Norwegian Air International (NAI) finally awarded a foreign carrier permit by the US authorities last Friday, Norwegian plans to operate daily transatlantic flights between the Greater New York and Greater Boston areas to Ireland, as well other European destinations”, according to…

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Rejected: Norwegian Air Shuttle Bid for Flights Between Europe and the United States — But…

Anthony Foxx — who is the Secretary of Transportation of the United States — earlier this week issued a temporary setback to Norwegian Air Shuttle by rejecting the request for the carrier to immediately operate flights to the United States as Norwegian Air International while the airline awaits a permanent decision by the federal government on its application.

Back in October of 2013, an announcement from Norwegian Air Shuttle proclaimed that the airline would launch service between Gatwick Airport south of London and three destinations located in the United States — New York, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale — as of July of 2014 using Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft for as little as $150.00 each way.

Existing flights to the United States…

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Norwegian Air Shuttle Announcement of New Flights: A Threat to Commercial Aviation in the United States?

An announcement from Norwegian Air Shuttle that the airline will launch service between Gatwick Airport south of London and three destinations located in the United States as of July of 2014 using Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft has members of the Air Line Pilots Association, International concerned that the flights present a threat to the aviation industry in the United States. According to FlyerTalk member Swiss Tony, a seat in the economy class cabin on a round-trip flight to be operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle to New York will cost as little as…

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