Airbnb Stays Deemed Illegal in New York City, Says Judge

Because of a law enacted in 2011 which prevents residents of the city of New York from renting out their properties for fewer than 29 days, an administrative judge ruled that Nigel Warren violated what is known as the “illegal hotel law” and fined him $2,400.00 for using Airbnb to lease part of his condominium apartment, arguing that the apartment “may only be used as private residences and may not be rented for transient, hotel, or motel purposes.” FlyerTalk members discuss their experiences with Airbnb, as well as…

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$12.00 Flights Offered from Lebanon — in New Hampshire

Cape Air — the only airline which currently serves the regional airport of Lebanon, New Hampshire — is offering holiday travelers last-minute flights to Boston and New York for only $12.00 per one-way flight. This is not an airfare mistake. In fact, this airfare promotion is purposely being offered, and for a very good reason. You see…

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200,000 Free Seats Available on Megabus

Megabus announced that it is offering 200,000 free seats for travel between January 9, 2013 through February 28, 2013 — and you can book a reservation for your free seats today using a special promotion code. The free seats are subject to availability for travel to and from cities served by Megabus in the United States and Canada. You will need to use the promotion code…

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Days to Access National Parks Free of Charge in the United States in 2013

The United States has some of the most scenic topography in the world. To preserve the diversification of natural settings around the vastness of this country, a system of national parks was created in 1916 currently known as the National Park Service, which is a bureau of the United States Department of the Interior. Some of the more famous parks and monuments under the auspices of the National Park Service include…

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Is It Possible to Travel for Free?

Can a person actually travel for free? It very well may be possible — if one is willing to make a few sacrifices.

Some suggestions offered include hitchhiking, bartering, labor, panhandling, walking and yes, even the most efficient use of miles and points, as is the standard on FlyerTalk.

The one suggestion that caught our eye — but not our stomach — is searching through the contents of trash receptacles worldwide for one’s meals.

Links to other Internet web sites are provided.

So while it is indeed possible to travel for free or on an extremely tight budget, it is important to not set one’s expectations too high…

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Can You Read This? If So, You Can Stay in China for Free!

You may be able to obtain Free lodging in China — if you speak English.

To qualify for this offer, lodgers must speak at least two hours of English a day in return for their keep while their Chinese hosts can learn for free from a resident live-in English teacher. That requirement sounds simple enough.

However, FlyerTalk member skaven says, “Neat idea. However, decent hostels can be found in China for sub $10/night, even in tourist cities like Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Cool if you want to connect with the locals, but 2 hours of English tutoring to save $10 seems like really low pay.”

With that perspective, this deal may not be as good as it may originally seem…

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Hotel Rooms for One Penny Per Night? Yes, But…

…if you are willing to pay charges and fees for the use of air conditioning, television, wireless Internet access, towels and other items and services, then the Rooms in London for 1 penny? New Tune hotel might be quite the deal.

Even still, the £0,01 room rate is only available for the first 1,000 rooms booked starting on Tuesday, 29 June 2010. Also, FlyerTalk members report that attempting to book rooms at this special rate is not exactly easy or convenient.

Perhaps this is not such a good deal after all…

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US$399.00 Round-Trip Between Newark and Europe

One can fly round-trip between EWR-Europe for $399(USD) AI 6/1-9/30.

Yes, that airfare includes taxes and fees, but one cannot earn frequent flier miles on these flights.

Although at the time this has been posted we have not been able to find the terms that one must book this airfare by 30 June 2010 and travel by 30 September 2010 as indicated by the FlyerTalk thread title, we did find the terms that one must book this round-trip airfare by 21 June 2010 and travel by 30 June 2010. Do not be confused by the other offer that one must travel by 31 August 2010 because that airfare starts at US$399.00 each way, including all taxes and fees.

The special US$399.00 round-trip airfare is available in both directions between Newark Airport and ten select European cities via a stop in Reykjavik in Iceland.

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Thousands of Couches All Around the World Are Available at Any Given Moment

Regarding a way of travel called Couchsurfing – have you used it?

The way it apparently works, CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit by staying on someone’s couch or spare room instead of at a hotel, hostel or even backpacking.

While it is certainly not for everyone, it is indeed an economical alternative to more traditional methods of staying overnight in a locale away from home — plus, as a bonus, one can get a more intimate local perspective on the people, the housing, and the quality of life in that locale. Then again, this is sleeping on the couch in the home of a complete stranger — and “CouchSurfers” may also reciprocate by offering their couches to complete strangers.

Could the CouchSurfing method of budget travel be for you?

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Walking From the Airport to Downtown

What do Nice, Montego Bay, Denpasar, San Diego, Larnaca, Tobago, San Pedro and Geneva have in common?

They are only some of the many destinations where one can Walk to/from the Airport to save money, although some FlyerTalk members also suggest destinations where walking may not be much of an option but transportation to downtown from the airport is quite inexpensive.

Then again, what is considered a walkable distance is relative. Some FlyerTalk members suggest destinations where walking from the airport towards downtown can take as long as 90 minutes, if one is up to a brisk walk for some exercise. Of course, for these longer walks, toting baggage is not advised.

Toronto would be another destination to add to this list, if it were not for that pesky lake water separating Toronto City Centre Airport from downtown, but if there is a free shuttle service into downtown, does that count?!?

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