Token Advice for Slot Machines in Las Vegas

One knows that times are a-changing when FlyerTalk member KenJohn needs to ask if there are Any coin slots left on the Las Vegas Strip?

Although at one time slot machines that accepted coins were prevalent and plentiful throughout Las Vegas, it seems that most slot machines these days only accept paper tokens and paper money, and KenJohn has a lot of coins he would like to use.

Should KenJohn take a gamble and bet on there being slot machines in Las Vegas that still accept coins?

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Classes of travel on many airlines

A good example of the useful information posted by FTers that is not found in one place anywhere else is this thread in the Oneworld forum listing classes of travel available by airline within OW by aircraft type compiled by SLF with help of many well-travelled FTers.

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Pam Ann Flies Around the World!

…no, not Pan Am, as in the now-defunct original Pan American airlines.

Pam Ann, as in a comedienne who apparently has a passion for humour pertaining to the airline industry.

Who is Pam Ann, you ask?

Find out here in the Pam Ann – One World Alliance thread.

One thing is for certain, though: we are talking about the wings of woman here, not the Wings of Man.

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