You Can’t Fly. You’re Too Tall.

Is there any justification regarding a report about a Passenger Kicked Off Horizon Air Flight For Being Too Tall to fit in his seat on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California, as he is 6’9″ tall?

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Should Airlines Charge a Flat Fee for Flights?

FlyerTalk member Sandra_D wonders if the post office charges the same price for 8-mile and 8000-mile trips, why can’t airlines do the same?

With that logic, should it cost the same airfare to travel from New York to Philadelphia as it does from New York to Sydney, for example?

While airfares can indeed be wacky — it once cost three times as much to travel by air from Atlanta to Nashville as it did to fly from Atlanta to Los Angeles — could this be a potential pricing model that airlines might consider, or is the pricing model currently used by the post office simply impractical?

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Barefoot on Aircraft: Against the Law?

Does being barefoot on airplane = threatened with arrest?

Having been confronted by a flight attendant on a recent American Airlines flight from Costa Rica to Miami, FlyerTalk member richard learned that passengers aboard aircraft must wear shoes, according to regulations dictated by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. When richard informed the flight attendant that he was not aware of such a rule, the captain of the aircraft reportedly threatened him with arrest if he did not comply with the directive of the flight attendant.

The only problem is that there is apparently no such regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration.

What recourse does richard have, if any? Is air transportation becoming more “fascist,” as implied by richard?

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Should Airlines Provide Nutrition Information With the Food They Serve During Flights?

Airlines currently do not provide nutrition information with the food served on-board aircraft during flights — but should one know how much vitamin C is in one’s orange juice, how many calories are in that steak dinner with the ice cream sundae for dessert, or what is the sodium content of that bag of peanuts? Is it even necessary?

That is some food for thought on which you can chew while you digest what FlyerTalk members post in this thread

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Problems Flying to Mexico

There have been two issues plaguing flights to Mexico recently.

One issue is:

…and here is the segue:

…to the other issue:

While these issues are certainly not catastrophic, you may want to double-check your itinerary or airline reservations if you are scheduled to travel to Mexico…

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Why Are FlyerTalk Members Grilling Certain Airport Personnel?

It appears as though Delta Ground Staff BBQ near plane/under gate A7 tonight… — or, more accurately, on a Sunday evening in July.

The food surely looks good. Chicken, perhaps?

Anyway, is it fowl for these workers to prepare their own meal outside at the airport? Why are some FlyerTalk members posting “flames” about this? Should these workers be fired? How did they get that huge grill — along with the necessary fuel — past airport security in the first place?

Photograph courtesy of DLATL777.

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The Worst Airline…Uniform

FlyerTalk members express their sympathies and condolences for flight attendants who are employed by airlines whose flight attendants wear the Most unflattering FA uniforms.

Which airlines do you think have the worst flight attendant uniforms, and why? Which airlines did FlyerTalk members select as the ones with the worst flight attendant uniforms, and why?

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