Does Eating Airline Food Pose Health Risks?

It may not be safe to drink water out of the faucet of an airplane lavatory, but these days, if you want to eat food served by an airline on-board its aircraft, you will more than likely pay a fee for that meal or snack.

However, what if the food may not be completely safe to eat? According to an article in USA Today, an FDA report reveals airline food could pose health threat, as airline food is allegedly prepared in unsanitary and unsafe conditions that could lead to illness. The unsanitary conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Food stored at improper temperatures at many facilities
  • Use of unclean equipment
  • Workers who practice poor hygiene
  • Pest and vermin such as cockroaches, flies and mice as signs of inadequate pest control

Some FlyerTalk members take the potentially shocking news in stride, realizing that this has probably been happening for years, and other FlyerTalk members offer tips on what and what not to eat while on-board an aircraft.

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How Safe Is It to Drink Water from Airplane Lavatory Faucets?

FlyerTalk member gelplanes wants to know “how safe is it to drink water from faucet in airplane lavatories?

FlyerTalk members respond that the water is definitely not potable, but is it still safe to brush one’s teeth or wash one’s hands?

Research was done a number of years ago by the son of FlyerTalk member l’etoile for the WSJ: How Safe is Airline Water? A story initiated by our youngest FTer.

Caution: Do not click on the links above to either FlyerTalk thread if your stomach is weak and you are squeamish…

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Breaking News: Two More Volcanoes Erupt

If you are traveling to anywhere in the world other than Europe and think you will not have flight delays or problems due to the recent volcanic eruptions from the Eyjafjallajokul volcano in Iceland, think again as the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala in Central America and the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador in South America erupted today.

Here are three FlyerTalk threads already dealing with the volcano in Guatemala, with more threads surely to be launched in the near future:

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Farewell, Air Jamaica

Air Jamaica, which boasted a virtually perfect safety record but was greater than $1,000,000,000 — that is one billion dollars — in debt, is the latest casualty in the recent spate of disappearing airlines. Caribbean Airlines will take over the Kingston hub and the route system. Passengers should not notice any real changes for several months.

For additional information, as well as discussion amongst FlyerTalk members, please click here.

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Significant flight disruption over Europe

For those travelling to or through Europe in the next few days there is a risk of significant disruption. Airspace is closed in many European countries.  Here are some of the discussion threads with airline specific news.

Air Canada
Air France
Air New Zealand
American (contains useful links to various news sites)
British Airways (news) and British Airways (right to care)
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Turkish Airlines
US Airways
Virgin Atlantic

Please advise if there are further links to add.

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47 Passengers Trapped on Regional Jet Aircraft for Nine Hours

An ExpressJet Airlines flight originating from Houston, operating as Continental Airlines flight 2816, landed in Rochester, Minnesota instead of its original destination of Minneapolis/Saint Paul due to inclement weather.

Find out what happened and why the 47 passengers aboard the small regional jet aircraft were forced to remain on-board instead of being allowed to deplane in the 47 ExpressJet passengers forced to spend night on plane after diversion to RST… and 47 CO Pax Imprisoned Overnight on Stinky E145 @ Rochester, MN threads.

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Mystery: The Case of the Disappearing Beverage Carts

Some FlyerTalk members are boarding US Airways flights as passengers and finding out that, other than such beverages as water and coffee, drinks are allegedly not being served on-board those flights due to the conspicuous absence of beverage carts.

What is the reasoning behind having a Drink Cart Removed…? Could it be a fiendish plot by US Airways to save money by cutting back on serving free drinks on-board their aircraft, as some FlyerTalk members have speculated, or could there be a different yet more plausible reason?

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The Red Coats Are Coming! The Red Coats Are Coming!

While not exactly revolutionary, FlyerTalk member AtlantaAl overheard: Red Coats are returning.

This means that Delta Air Lines customers can expect personalized customer service offered by additional “Red Coats” throughout the terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. If you are a Delta Air Lines customer and New York is not your origination or destination city, do not fret. The Red Coat program, which was once prevalent throughout the Delta Air Lines system and was a part of the lauded customer service experience, is expected to return to Atlanta and other Delta Air Lines hub cities.

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