Carbon Offset Programs

In honor of Earth Day, which was officially yesterday, April 22, this is a good time to link to FlyerTalk threads which discuss carbon offset programs.

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The Wings of Man: The Revival of Eastern Air Lines?

Why would an investor be exploring the Return of Eastern Airlines?

Eastern Air Lines — which went out of business in 1991 — was once one of the four largest airlines in the United States. Currently in the midst of the worst worldwide economy in years where it is difficult enough to maintain the operations of a commercial airline, what would possess someone with the idea of re-launching a once-storied commercial airline?

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How Airline Meals Are Made

Do you really want to know How Airline Meals Are Made? Are you sure you could digest the truth? Might you be biting off more than you can chew, fearing you might get a taste of what is really in that meal you are eating on your next flight, or will you actually unwrap something interesting and realize that the long-term negative reputation of airline food is merely peanuts?

Then again, if you are a passenger in the economy class cabin on most domestic flights in the United States, this does not really pertain to you after all, does it?!?

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"I Have to Pay to Use the Toilet?!?"

Passengers on Ryanair flights may very well be asking this question soon, as there is a possibility for Ryanair to charge for use of toilets, as coined by FlyerTalk member SmilingBoy and other FlyerTalk members.

Will other airlines be so flushed with envy that they will also take the plunge and cash in, or will they simply take a dump on this idea because of the possibility that it will tank?

Whether one speculates on number 1 or number 2, it is clear that some FlyerTalk members are quite drained about the idea and are willing to pipe up in protest because they believe that this idea simply will not float. One FlyerTalk member, MileageAddict, posts that he will just bring an empty Coke bottle on board with him, but then that would predicate to a public admission that he uses Coke…

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Stranded in Kuwait for 24 hours

Your flight is cancelled and you’ve been rebooked on the next available flight … which is in 24 hours time.  Due to visa rules you are unable to enter the country.  Kuwait airport is not a great place to spend a lot of time, I almost got stuck there myself in 2007 when I nearly misconnected.  So what do you do?  Log onto FT of course.  Can we help?

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All About Dining in Bangkok

The Bangkok Eating thread is a classic thread listing not only restaurant recommendations in the largest city in Thailand, but it also contains links to other Internet web sites and what types of dishes one can expect to eat, such as Tandoori Chicken, Mee Krob, Chole Bhature, Tom Yum Nam Khon, Reshimi Kebab, Pad Pak Boong Fai Daeng/Moo Grob, Masasa-Dosa and even Pizza!

Also, please try some of the following threads as well for dining in Bangkok:

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Another Airline Declares Bankruptcy; More to Come?

In what appears to be a disturbing trend, yet another airline was forced to declare bankruptcy.

This time, the airline is XL Leisure, based in the United Kingdom.

Find out more about what this means to passengers who have flights booked on XL Leisure in the XL Airways about to go… thread.

According to the At least 50 European airlines at financial risk and The next airline to go bust threads, it appears that this trend of airlines declaring bankruptcy and going out of business will continue and not end anytime soon…

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